The epithelium began to calcify, and the canaliculi were filled with calcareous salts.

Quantity to be given in the twenty-four hours, and allow the nurse to use her judgment as to how she can best give this quantity in the required time. Ten cases of pleurisy due to the typhoid bacillus. Zuni Gebraucbe fiir kliiiLscbe Praktikanten und braucb fiir junge Aerzte nnd Wnndarzte.

Autopsy: old abscess of the anterior lobe of the brain." An old woman was admitted for Jacksonian epilepsy of the limbs on the left side, the face remaining immune.

Occasionally from strains there may be ecchymosis (black and blue appearance) plaster is very beneficial. De asphyxia infantium receus natorum. Thus it may ever be noticed that fleshy people are bread eaters and water Physiologically, water is food, and its chemical relations can not be denied; it exists in combination with food, and is in every tissue that forms the human body. No mechanical means had been employed and the knee was in such a position as to be in the way of a crutch.

He should have three or four physicians and one or two nurses. In spite of milk diet, dyspnoea, and prostration, vomiting and diarrhoea, and almost complete anuria were present, and the patient succumbed in coma. Mustard plasters to the The membranous sac containing" the heart is liable to inflammation. The establishment of this class of surgery upon a permanent basis has been done necessarily by a few who have had the greatest experience in this work, and these few are almost a unit in regard to the method of procedure, viz., to enucleate from before backward, to keep the enucleation in the direction of the sacrum and then come forward, to make hemostasis perfect, to relieve all possible tension, to restore the intestines of the pelvic basin, to pack the uterus and omentum down firmly in place, to keep the patient still on her back in bed for forty-eight to sixty-four hours, and drain when necessary. Socin gives twenty-three cases of extirpation of goitre in which buried catgut sutures were frequently used with perfect satisfaction; also, Kappeler writes that he, too, has good results in its use. A weak infusion should also be given in teaspoonful doses by the mouth every ten minutes, or as often as it can be swallowed. The constancy of ptosis, of paresis of the muscles of mastication and of the nape of the neck, the alternation of periods of remission and aggravation, the myasthenic electrical reaction (Jolly), form the principal characteristics of Erb's syndrome, and furnish the points for diagnosis. The author saturates the filtrate from the stomach contents with magnesic sulphate, this salt being used in preference to ammonic sulphate, as it is not decomposed by calcination. They take the place of the lungs and the alimentary tract, which do not come into action until after normal birth. Principii elementari di anatomia pato. I think I have had three cases of intra-uterine hydrocephalus, as far as I can remember. The grouping of many inflamed glands together often gives rise to considerable tumors. But, for the sake of argument, we will suppose that Messrs. - the originator of this wonderful idea deserves at the hands of a grateful profession, and it should be of a still greater laity, far more praise than can possibly ever be bestowed upon a mortal man.

It is true that the womb, through the nervous system, is closely connected with every other organ of the body, but it is not true, as modern scientific mutilators would have us believe, that every distress of the various organs of the female body should be ascribed to disorders of the Some of the fads profitably encouraged by the medical profession are not only absurd but are almost criminal in their methods.

I remember treating a young man quite a number of years ago, I think some seventeen, probably eighteen, for syphilis; he went through all the symptoms,, primary and secondary.