Now the nitrites relax the contraction of involuntary muscular fibre, and Koy, in describing the influence of stimulation of the vagus on the bronchial muscles, points out that atropine causes a complete paralysis of the constricting fibres or of their terminal apparatus in the bronchi, so that after a very small dose, stimulation of the peripheral end of the cut vagus, which has previously caused strong contraction, no longer has any effect.

Cammell's works, when his right eye was rendered immediately blind by a splinter from the tyre striking it. The new growth was excised together with portions of the labia. The peculiar mode of growth of the comma-bacilli in gelatine mixtures and in Agar-Agar mixtures is shown in the accompanying woodcuts." Both the comma-bacilli and small straight bacilli grow well in alkaline and neutral media, and are not killed by acids, although they do Pore cultivation of choleraic comma-bacilli in gelatine-peptone-broth.

In Prome a house-to-house visitation was made, and a number in this way were got at. - the portion, half a line in breadth, was formed by the apposition of the mucous membranes; interiorly there was nothing remarkable but the smallness of its transverse diameter. Period of staring, nonresponsiveness, chewing and gurgling motions, and right-sided facial twitching.

By screwing these together with small nuts which are provided, a number of different splints can be made and adapted to every form of fracture. Weight loss: This is a common accompaniment usually signifies advanced disease, the disease is still compatible with long-term survival (? cure) in over cancers of stomach, pancreas and lung. Abdomen tolerably soft, but full, and pain st'll very acute; was very weak after t'ne bath, but felt somewhat easier. Obviously, the secretion from the iiigmented cells lining it had produced this great accumulation of fluid.

Asthenia is due to the exhaustion which results from efforts to perform movements which cannot be properly grouped and directed. COSTELLO ON PULVERIZATION OF "" CALCULI stone is crushed with facility and promptitude, by the combined pressure of the head of the perforator and tlie branches of the pincers. In three patients he had found that the area corresponding to the effusion was occupied by a dark tint in sharp contrast with the light color of the healthy side. Some of the excited populace proceeded to the spot, and destroyed the huts; the police interfered, and the aggi-essors were arrested. A careful examination of the patient elicited no signs of disease, except in the right side of the thorax. Our present methods of disinfection with chemicals cannot be relied upon to disinfect a septic wound or cavity. From this the conclusion is inevitable, that the comma-bacilli the intestine; and, as we descend towards the lower part of the ileum, d. A certain extent of thrombosis must be assumed to exist already, and, if progressive, this leads to an increase in the symptoms, increasing intracranial pressure and ultimately to death. Palpation and a certain amoimt of intuition enable the operator to determine the condition of the pancreas, whenever it is opened for any purpose. Our only fear is that operators may be too enterprising, and may run risks which the stage of the disease, and the condition of the patient, do not justify. She betrayed nevertheless much perturbation at the sight of the expectorated blood, and declared a Arm conviction that the disease was similar to that of which her relations had died. He idea there was anything the matter with his heart. Hitherto paratyphoid A has been confined to the East, and especially to India.

Of the many pleasant intimacies the bedside-teaching had given him with residents, clerks, pupils, and patients, he also spoke feelingly; and, in bidding the class adieu, he addressed to its members words of encouragement and advice worthy of the occasion and of the venerable speaker. Suppurative conditions are usually associated with a high white-cell count and high percentage of neutrophile leucocytes.