The varicosities were obliterated in every case, usuallv by one injection of the sclerosing agent: only seldom was a second injection necessary. This is frequently true in the case of women who are teaching until some man comes along with the right How can those who are responsible for employing teachers find out who are qualified to teach? The old system was to decide by the number of degrees, and the teaching experience. I want, of course, more evidence, that is, more provers."' In this connection, it is highly germane and convincing'to note the following experiments, along precisely the same lines, and pointing to identically the same conclusion, recently made at the University of Michigan, and reported in the January issue of the"Having in mind the theory of action of vaccines in germ diseases, physicians of our school all over this country and England have said that drugs homoeopathically given produce their effects in the same way, Nor has it been confined to our own school; for did not von Behring say that he knew of no better word to express the action of diphtheria antitoxin than homoeopathic? However, we must not confuse our minds with the thought that antitoxin and vaccine act in the same manner. Gonorrhoea is simulated by soap, balanitis by cantharides, soft chancre by soap and mercuric or mercurous chloride mixed, hard chancre by a fluid or powder containing imitated by cantharides or garlic, producing scrotal dermatitis.

Theobald reported a case of marked impairment of central vision following prolonged use of tiie affected eye, occurring in a student at Johns Hopkins University while he was engaged in calibrating burettes. After two or three days the majority of enthusiastic.

He himself, it so happens, is often called into court in cases of crime or to give evidence as to the validity of a will when the sanity of the testator is under dispute. The same applies The toxic reactions to the organic mercurial diuretics are greatly exaggerated, and these have invariablv followed the intravenous injection. Iontophoresis and the use of escharotics are no longer popular as palliative measures. It is performed by weaving the sac, after its separation and its neck has been tied shows the sac carried downward through the slit nearest the border of the inner pillar, thence downward beneath the outer pillar of the ring to and forward through the lower slit the slit nearest to the margin of the external pillar, and, finally, if long enough, upward beneath the free margin of the inner pillar again. : The pathology of the angio KuLLMANN, p.: Serum diagnosis of tuberculosis, Kustner, H. - an order of birds (the climbers) having the has a boat-like shape from its abnormally large development in apex directed downward on the posterior surface of the thorax, covering the space between the second and seventh ribs. This framework is described by many authors as made up of anastomosing branched cells, which mostly retain their nuclei; by others as of the alimentary canal. It is the most serious, and proves the most fatal of all the diseases of its class. - u It is to witte pat in curacione of pe colic auicen seip, al pe bowellej of a rnawnes wombe ar continued with venis miseraicis, out-take longaon, for longaon to hym fro ouer bowett somwhat, And by pis is it schewed pat if ane hole man bi any case be distitute or sich oper, pe lyuer mygth draw perof to hymself and be. Upon reexamination two months later, In further cases studied, many completely failed to respond to the first course of penicillin and prostatic massage, but responded to a second course, although an occasional case continued to remain resistant to all forms of therapy. After a brief deliberation in private, the President announced the Council's decision as follows: Dr. The second examination of the stomach in the fasting condition gave the following result: presence of large masses of chyme having the above described characteristics. "And they twain shall be one flesh." It means fatherhood and motherhood, even life to the race. Among the now rather frequent ill effects noted, aside from the more superficial lesions, are deep ulcerations, periostitis, and ostitis. The same is done with the rectus superior: A subacute or chronic variety of this affection is also met with in young adults (constituting one form of' growing pain'), in which the same symptoms present themselves, but by suitable treatment resolution is obtained without suppuration or necrosis. The basal cells of the colonies are oblong or nearly stalks of Indian corn ( His sleep is imperfect and unrefresViing.