Walter Harris, a judicious man and, as his codes writings show, a follower of Sydenham in his practice. It is well known that the effects of the electric current vary greatly in their manifestations. When as a physician he failed coupon to cure his patient, he then assumed the character of a necromancer and invoked the assistance of His familiar or guardian spirit to help him cure the sick person.

He calls attention to the fact that when a patient is in an extreme state of shock, the administration of vaso-dilators such as nitroglycerine and alcohol, causes the small vessels to relax, a greater volume of blood circulates through them and improvement in the pulse follows. Langmorc, London; The Secret THE CONVULSIVE DISEASES OF WOMEN.

It was movable and fluctuating. Mosso and Ottolenghi found experimentally that acetylene has considerable toxic power.

This occurs most frequently when the Statistics show that retention of the placenta occurs most frequently during this period. The gland had increased to nearly three times its normal weight, while the vascular changes were in an incipient stage. He was a wiry small man, working hard all day as a stableman; and, by his own statement, no longer feeling anything of the painful mass which seemed likely to kill him speedily five years ago. She has had much domestic trouble.

Chase said: The aspirator used was of medium size; the fluid was of the natural color, thick, with some odor. The Polysporea comprise numerous genera end; M. Therefore, why should we eliminate the possibility of a congenital stricture simply because the first attack of retention has not been produced before adult life? After one or several attacks of acute complete retention, incomplete chronic retention, with distention of all the urinary tract above the stricture, sets in. The nyml huwirver, falls to the ground to undergo its final metamorphosis (Motae). She simply made her husband her almoner, and continued her works of charity as before.

Whatever ground there may be for the belief that certain poisons are mutually antidotal or neutralising, few will now maintain that the poison of variola is incompatible with that of scarlatina, that ague excludes phthisis, or that phthisis is favourably modified by pregnancy. Having purchased Brasted Park, he pulled down the old house and rebuilt it, decorating the reviews new one with several marks of royal favour. Alfred Baker (President of the Association); Dr.

The Stohrer's batteries will always command the respect of the profession, not only because they were the first which fulfilled the important desideratum of portability, but also on account of their sound workmanship. There is a tendency with'some to claim good results in all diseases by electricity. Lower lip, and it had become quite large. Under such circumstances the uterus should be emptied.

The thermo-cautery and blistering the head with iodine have been tried, hut with no appreciable lienefit. Such intelligence as the Obstetrical College would demand cannot be expected in so large a body of women; average mental capacity and a natural aptitude for the occupation should alone be required. A difcharge of blood with the urine fometirnes attends diabetes, and may have its fource in the fame manner. The demonstration of a pelvic mass lying outside of the uterus, in the presence of a probable pregnancy, is a very suspicious circumstance.