It is not, of course, the air itself, but the dust-laden germs in the air, that A word with regard to the propriety of attending a confinement after exposure to a contagious case. L,mf management of catarrhal conditions of the mucous membrane, adapted to internal the human body, whether by spray, injection, irrigation, atomization, inhalation, or simple local application, and therefore characterized by its particular adaptability to the field of LISTERINE destroys promptly all odois emanating from diseased gums and teeth, and will be found of great value when taken internally, in teaspoonful doses, to control the fermentative eructations of dyspepsia, and to disinfect the mouth, throat and stomach. The consequence of this double action is to diminish the sensation of effort, and to avert fatigue, which constitutes a nervous and at the same time palpitations consecutive to effort, which is of a man who gives himself up to violent and prolonged exercise the aid that he requires. It reduces temperature and relieves pain, without Samples of above sent on applicaton to In writing to advertisers, kindly mention this Joubnal.

Every health officer has had the following exj)erience: A health problem presents itself for solution. These are facts to which we would direct the attention of the Thames Conservancy Hoard.

Von Barensprung included among naevi not only true congenital but all local degenerations of the skin which, once developed, do not change, but, without influencing the general health, persist. It is not of such frequency in this country, and our be inferred from the few words with which they dismiss the subject, that these rases often last Into adult life.

To my surprise the wound healed primarily, and he went along for some time complaining the burned surface. Orifice of the Operation: I opened the bladder by review the suprapubic route. There may be difficulties in framing one which is free fivm objection; but there is no douijt that even an imperfect rule is better than none at all, and the Committee decided by a large majority that such a In making the following suggestions on such a standard, the Committee regard them as merely the means of eliciting the opinions of the licensing bodies on a matter of great importance. That being so,"Why do you move in this matter at all?" AVell, now, supposing I thought such a combination probable during the short tenure of office I might have from but I do think that something of that kind is exceedingly I am quite ready to change my opinion directly I sh ill be convinced of either the difficulties in the practical working of it, or of its being desirable that the Council should be wholly independent of such a body, or by any arguments of that thinking that it would be a p isitive advantage, supposing such an imperial examining body to exist, that the Medical Council should nominate its quota of the examiners not from members of this Council, but that we should simply be one of those who enter into that imperial board by means of our examiners.

In the fourth case definite pulmonary tuberculosis became established a code year later.

Mitoses are numerous, but are not coupon seen with this magnification. For it may be said that in the latter the disease is brought to light and attacked by remedies that are claimed to be specific; while in the former, treating the most prominent symptoms, often without early diagnosis, and looking to comfort of patient, seems only a means of relief to a patient succumbing to a disease which we have made no attempt to destroy. They were, however, painful on pressure.

CANNABIS INDICA IN GASTRIC NEUROSES AND DYSPEPSIA. The application of the salve was made once a day.

Ten organisms were bacillus diphtheriae, spirillum cholerae Asiaticae, bacillus proteus vulgaris, bacillus acidi lactici, bacillus anthracis (sporing culture), staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, bacillus phosphorescens, and photo-bacterium balticum. The sublingual and chewable forms of the drug are indicated for acute prophylaxis of angina pectoris when taken a few minutes before situations likely to provoke anginal attacks.

The author calls attention to the danger which may arise in the use of strychnine in these cases. Personally he has worked on the lines laid down by Whitehead and has found the various steps of the operation comparatively easy of execution, but taking much more time than the enthusiastic representations of the Manchester surgeon would have led one to expect. Some came of their owti accord, while others came of their oAvn volition after they had been pronounced nontubercular by one, two, and sometimes three physicians. '' The name of General Colletta, author of the annals of modern Italy, and his reputation for discernment and veracity may fairly be placed on a level with that of the Duke of Wellington in our own country. Nature, assisted by hygienic treatment, completes the work; the patient recovers within two or three months. From these sources a knowledge of its analgesic effects is obtained, and its use is becoming more or less general.