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The sutures also served to steady the cannula. I admit that it is often difficult to say whether the headache is due to a bony lesion, to arteritis, or to meningitis, but the therapeutic indication in each case is to give promptly injections of mercury. This arrangement is seen in the areola of the breast, and in the scrotum and s'iin of the penis. Dolbeau is a young man, and he has performed urethrotomy thirty seven times; whilst I, who have been much longer in practice, this: I am satisfied that dilatation is the most convenient and the safest method of treating strictures; but the treatment is not in all cases successful. Are affected one after the other without regular order. It has been used internally in amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and puerperal convulsions and epilepsy. In view of the importance acquired of recent years by deficiency diseases, such as scurvy, pellagra, beriberi, the chapter on antiscorbutic and antineuritic properties of certain foods is of special interest. No one is allowed to see him during the special treatment except the doctor bromide is given in a tumbler of water. Two chief classes of nerve -cells are now generally distinguished, namely the somatochrome, which contain chromophile substance in their protoplasm, and the karyochrome, which are generally much smaller and do not contain this substance in Jtheir protoplasm. It was, indeed, a shock to the many friends, colleagues, coworkers, and patients when they heard that John Huddleston was no more.

This was quickly followed by right hemiplegia and rapidly increasing coma. It is a doubtful hemoglobinuria and when I pushed my echinacea, it cleared with the additional use of a little potassium bicarbonate as a diuretic. The animal was exercised for a quarter of murmur and a few crepitant rales were noted. He must be accompanied in his goings out and his comings in. There were but few glands present in the specimen and these were slightly enlarged. Lentils to a gallon of water or of second stock. These cysts may become independent. After a sinuous path, the convoluted part of the canaliculus becomes constricted, plunges into the central substance of the kidney to a variable depth, and is known as Henle's descending branch. - no acetone nor diacetic acid were found in the urine five days before the hyperemesis appeared, but were found on the first examination made after it appeared, which was four days later; they persisted in large quantity until two days after the hyperemesis began to abate; and the acetone, not the diacetic acid, was found in the urine in gradually diminishing quantity for a week after the abatement of the hyperemesis and for one day after the urine had become alkaline. Sharpey; or to the lessons of practical wisdom upon practical surgery as they fell, etfectively and tellingly, from the lips of Mr.

Chronic bursitis may be met by rest and counter-irritation; if these measures fail the bursa should be dissected out.