The diagnosis was confirmed by exploratory puncture. Do not move the patient, but instantly expose the face to a current of fresh air, wipe dry the mouth and nostrils, rip the clothing so as to expose the chest and waist, and give two or three quick, smart slaps on the stomach and chest with the open hand. While on the table no effort to prevent exposure is made: In the category of pretty women, we led the league again. Infection with tetanus bacilli is therefore liable to occur. Unwholesome diet, and that which is of poor quality and not sufficiently varied, makes thin, watery blood. An ointment made with the inner bark has been used in tinea capitis, as a dressing for blisters and various excoriations and sores, and in erysipelas, as well as for moderating the pain of h senior r ho ids, and in poultices as an application to gangrenous tissues, glandular engorgements, etc. Part-time and MEDICAL SEMINAR ON SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY NO FEE WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE CONFERENCE As an organization accredited for continuing medical education, the University of Mississippi School of Medicine designates Recognition Award of the American Medical Association provided it is completed as designed. The carrier will cease paying the hospital for service furnished on behalf of the patient beyond the fourth day after the hospital receives notice of such This legal requirement would appear to be would be perfectly legal for a medical consultant employed by the carrier to review extended duration cases, referring those which seem questionable to the utilization committee of the hospital or to a committee of the county medical society, for an approach would relieve the staff committee of much tedious and time-consuming chart review. There may be a temperature irritation in the internal ear just from the coldness of the water alone, acting on the exterior of the body.

This In delivering the head, which is the accounts partly for some women having only important part, I place the l)ack t)f so much better time or labor than others, the child in my left hand with my first Again we c;i.n have an over distention and middle finger under the shoulder on of the uterus with Liquor Amnii, there either side of the neck.


There were found gonococci in in agreement with Doderlein, that gonorrhea does not play an important role n the production of adnexal suppuration in women.

Do not be in a hurry to check a diarrhoea; it should not be stopped suddenly; there is danger to grown people as well as to children in this method of treating it. On incision into the duct, the wall is extremely thick and fibrotic, the lumen is usually of pinpoint size and there usually is some normal-appearing bile within this lumen. A scton should be inse-ted and turned daily, to counteract the process of disorgunizaiion. Complete agreement as to the site and number of metastatic lesions was noted in five instances. Even the ants in a densely populated hill can tell at once a member of their community from a stranger:

The possibiHties of x-ray dermatitis, and has seen twelve such cases within one year. His professional memberships include the American Medical Association, Mississippi State Medical Association, Central Medical Society, Mississippi Thoracic Association, Southern Medical Association, Southeastern Surgical Congress, Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons, American Society of Bariatric Surgery, Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery, and the Jackson Surgical Society. Under"Project Imprint" the"gatekeeper" role will be used to determine whether beneficiaries should receive care at military or civilian facilities.

At times it seems to spread rapidly through several herds, but is generally neither very contagious nor is at all dangerous, fatal cases being very rare.

Cautiously detaching the placental adhesions, he tried to deliver that mass first; but, finding it imiDOssible, he at once An abdominal bandage and comj)ress were applied. The only home application that should be made, in addition to the washing out as Chronic catarrh needs a constitutional remedy, to restore a uniform action of all the organs, and to improve the circulation. In some types of bowel trouble, especially those accompanied by a diarrhea, mercury and chalk is an excellent combination. Toxicum, and of valerian, which have occasionally been mentioned in Europe as adulterations has shed no light upon their clinical applications.

A positive diagnosis between postThere have been many communications pyloric ulcer and adhesions of the cap from various parts of the world having from gall bladder infection cannot ala direct or indirect bearing on the diag- ways be made exclusively from the radionosis of these ulcers. The number before us contains papers on the" Line of Duty," a subject of great interest and importance to members of In his presidential addresss before the New York Academy of Medicine, Dr. On evaporating the alcohol, diluting the syrupy liquid with water, and filtering from the resin, the liquid contains veratrine veratrate, and this salt is decomposed by ammonia or potassa: the alkaloid thus isolated requires to be purified by washing with water, dissolving in a dilute acid, and freeing from coloring matter by animal charcoal; ammonia will then precipitate veratrine as a white powder. Let it cool before putting it in the filter.