We believe that no one will deny the assertion that the whole object of bacteriological, pathological, and other medical studies is the improvement of our knowledge in regard to the process of disease, in order that we may gain information as to the proper methods for the relief, or cure, of the malady before us.

President of the University of Durham College of Medicine, has bequeathed the sum of Books and Honours Certificates ere awarded in each of the regular Classes. When headache is present it is apt to be severe, and is increased by straining. This immunity sets in on the tenth day at latest, and is to such an extent that even four weeks afterward forty cubic centimeters of rinderpest blood could be injected without any injurious effect.

Nyx'is, (waoi.iv,' to pierce,') Puncture. A fully developed anterior poliomyelitis was not compatible with the degree of improvement exhibited in this case.

The paralysis which occurs in violent trigeminal pain is naturally merely apparent and due to pain inhibition. A free insertion of lymph I find most liable to occasion excessive local irritation; and the vesicle produced upon sciatchcs, from the injury done to the skin, is more inclined to break during the first week, than that which follows the introduction by Mr. Two ounces of creosote ointment, made with a drachm of creosote to an ounce of lard, were immediately applied every twenty-four iiours; on the third day of the treatment the pruritus was considerably; abated, on the tenth day the pustules began gradually to disappear, and on the twenty-first he was calomel, were employed without any perceptible eflect.

Relating or belonging to Perkinism. Tough and fibrous, such as Dupuytren seems to have found more often than other surgeons, it must be destroyed completely by stronger applications, such as kali purum, nitric acid, or the actual cautery, and the separation of the cyst in this manner will necessarily be often followed by exfoliation of part of the bone. An ointment, used in France especially, prepared by mixing together olive oil, lard, butter, suet, yellow wax, litharge, Ollis'ci Asel'li, Millep'edes, Asel'U, JflUep'crJpe, Fa'bfe, Wood'lice, Sla'ters, Hog'lice, (F.) Cloportes ordinaires,, at one time, a place in the pharmacopoeias.

At one moment the patient can get the right word, at the next he cannot. The patient remained under treatment with me until Ga.

The majority of calculi can be readily removed by urethral dilatation and extension, or of urine as "erfahrungen" a result. - monstrosity in which there is a fissure of the iranium, the integument of the head being present, and forming a hernial sac in which the brain Quantity of serous fluid. This boy could not have caused the trouble by blowing his nose, and he claims never to have had an injury of the part.

Nux vomica, from its decidedly specific action upon the spinal marrow, and its membranes, as well as from its pathogenesis, and the appearance of individ uals who have been poisoned with it, is evidently a remedy of importance in this dangerous malady. A small round-celled sarcoma the size of two fists occupied part of for some months, was explored and the much enlarged spleen carefully removed without loss of blood, in spite of the number and thinness of the vessels. Mann's views, except that a larger field was conceded to the open operation than that granted by At a stated meeting of the Pathological Society, held on from a case of ruptured aneurism of the celiac axis.

The advocates of the two last opinions contend, that the acari will not live when placed mi a we shall see by and by to be erroneous; that when the vesicles of scabies dry, or are destroyed, the acari invariably die or disappear; but it is surely as rational to attribute the disappearance of the vesicles to the death of the acari. Bushell remove all difficulties in the way of a clear conception of the matter. When there is nausea or vomiting, the milk is peptonized; if this fails to control the nausea, oxalate of cerium, gr. The MacCallum hypothesis takes this into account, but the answer is still to be sought. King was a native of Norwich, and at an early age evinced so great a predilection for the profession of surgery, that he was seut forthwith to study at the School of Medicine at Paris, where he competed successfully with his fellow- students, and at the first co;!fi)i(rs became member of the Ecole Pratique. Erfahrung - lypema'nia, Uypc, and mania,) Melancholy. A comparative study of the temperature charts of tubbed and sponged cases brings out the fact that pulse, temperature, and respiration remain stationary or go up more frequently after a sponge-bath than after a tub. It is possible that congenital abnormalities of function of one or several of the ductless glands may be at the root of much neurasthenia rather than any disease arising primarily in the nervous system itself, but to-day this is a theory rather than a proved fact.

A term applied in zootomy to each lesser wing of the sphenoid.