The hiatus varies much in size but is nearly always large enough to permit the ready passage of the needle. (See chapter on the Back.) The accumulation of fat, or adipose tissue, in the abdominal region, either within the cavity or within the abdominal walls, is caused by forced inactivity or a loss of healthy reaction. The disease still prevailed among the native population in contact with them.

Abel, Clinical Pathology Miss Vera Johnson, R.N., Head Nurse Electric Baking, Gymnastics and Swedish Massage Treatments only in conjunction with regular physicians DOCTORS HAMILTON, ABERNETHY AND NTSBET Special attention to Special attention to Extractions, Inlays and Bridge Work Pyorrhea, Root Canal and X-Ray Work Children, Artificial Dentures and Removable Bridge Work Special attention to Special attention to Extractions, Plates and Bridges Root Canal Work, Inlays and X-Ray fine detail of a high-powered machine Doctor, Give Us a Minute, Please! Do you really want to help this Journal without cost to yourself? You are probably buying medicinal and surgical supplies from a half dozen firms who do not advertise with us. Acute laminitis does not immediately declare itself. All three had positive spinal fluid cultures. It is a matter worthy of consideration, whether, if the real nature of the injury had been known, any chance of saving the patient would have been afforded, by inducing premature labour and an early extraction of the child; the consequence of which might have been a contraction of the uterus, and, in all probability, a cessation of the hemorrhage. COMPOSITION Natural vegetable derivatives: A unique blend of psyllium and senna (Planrago Hydrocolloid with Cassia Pod Concentrate).

The author has observed similar evidence of local selective degeneration in some of his own cases.

He gave a history brothers with their families living on the same farm, had had the disease some months previously. His breasts are slightly insulin larger than normal. The slitlamp is of great help in this connec-! tion. The drowsiness comes from an impure condition of the blood afifecting the brain; the nose bleeding is evidence of Nature's effort to get rid of some of the blood that should have escaped in the natural way; the distension of the veins of the legs shows a superabundance of fluid in the system, and the inability of the valves in the blood vessels there to keep the blood from settling. Bladders or pumping organ; sg, sahvary gland. He has been most meticulously careful, in report ng his results, to decide every questionable point against Notwithstanding this, he is acclaimed, the world over, an adder to the knowledge of disease; a benefactor of It is a matter for self-gratulation that North Carolina can so appreciate after knowledge, incurably honest and straight-forward, who has so abundantly demonstrated the falsity of the commonly-held theory that a doctor cannot afford to say,"I do not know." The immensity of this subject appalls any thoughtful person who ponders it. We believe it to be a fact that women of the poorer classes are specially reluctant to leave their home and children when ill, since during the period of convalescence they can still exercise some supervision over household affairs. The treatment after the withdrawal of the fluid is entirely changed; pleurisy has now departed and weakness is left behind. A short walk every day when the sun shines is highly beneficial. Pare down the edges of the crack, and ease off the point of bearing on the false quarter. It is often more pronounced on the color of the rash has brought about the designation"mulberry rash." The rash lasts from a few days to two weeks. Cut off so much of the granulations as appear to be in a sloughing condition.

Similar attempts for the standardization of serums are being carried on in other espaol branches of practical medicine, notably with regard to the use of insulin. Clothe warmly; remove from a stall to a loose box.