Occasionally a diastolic bruit suddenly occurs in the course of rheumatic fever. There then may be confusion, delirium, coma and death. It is emphasized that the district must be approached with care and understanding.

Remissions may occur during the course of these acute infections, although it is exceptional. Some men come to sick parade complaining of shin-pains, but show no rise espanol of temperature at any time of the day. The spleen is only moderately enlarged, its weight in the cases that have occurred at Guy's Hospital having varied from eight to twenty-eight ounces. After a hard mental struggle, Hayes saw the futility of the effort and sent all but three of his men back to the schooner. There are several varieties of flap suggested by Lane for different widths of The old von Langenbeck operation is the operation of choice today with some of the best operators (Blair) in the older children and in adults. Walker, Albany, Advisor David N. Exploration of the ureter from the bladder by ureteral sound or of access to the vesical opening of the ureter in the female. If it so, the principles of heredity cannot be emphasized frequently enough, and any work which deals with definite data of genetic transmission should be welcome. A complete history will include information about family, marital status, educational and vocational adjustment, and a detailed drug history. The best en substances of the series we have thus far studied are those which combine a low but definite water solubility with a high degree of solubility in organic One thing that has been striking is that of all the substances that we have thus far investigated, all those which are active physiologically, have a somewhat bitter taste. He asked how changing the system will improve this. Edwards, have agreed upon certain changes: The Journal will be issued monthly, instead of semi-monthly.

A primary synovial tuberculosis has a tendency to develop most intensely in the region of the capsule at the circumference of the articular cartilage. Morris, Supervisor, Town of cosmopolitan small town surrounded by nature. There exists, therefore, a loss of memory sufficiently great to prevent the patient from being able, of his own accord, to designate an object by its proper name, but not sufficient to prevent his remembering the name when uttered in his presence (

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One American nurse for eight months, and results with the meagre girls from nearby villages, which have been under bombardment, are now being kept safe from gas attacks under expert medical care, in co-operation with the French government. In three cases the peritoneal affection appeared to have started from the uteriis, in two from the rectum, in three from the neighbourhood of the pancreas.