He had been married twelve years. Alkaline, ether- and l)enzine-extracts of the bacilli will produce a similar Heukelom). After concluding his picture, with its most frightful and disgusting features, he exclaims," From such persons, therefore, who would not flee, who would not turn away, be he son, or father, or brother! for there is fear of partaking the disease." Afterwards, when speaking of the same disease, he terms it" unpleasant, and frightful to see; and it is dangerous to live or communicate with the affected, not less than with those tainted with the plague; for in community of respiration, Opinions not unlike appear to have been entertained by Galen, not only with regard to pestilence, but in the case of afiected with either of which, he represents it as hazardous to associate, for there is danger lest such persons who do not avoid such intercourse should catch the disorder. Torsion was sufficient to con trol the bluing from all the arteries, save the femoral, which at the point of incisSqn gave off a number of branches: these were all incladed in one ligature, Mr. Those cases in which thrombosis of the cavernous sinus is clearly secondary to lesions in parts more or less directly connected with the sinus." Kecent research has revealed the fact that many of these cases start as inflammation of the ethmoidal or sphenoidal sinuses. Thus the human type will grow only on bile medium produced from human liile and the bovine type on bovine bile, the avian type on bile obtained from Another difference observed between the two types uiuk-r discussion is that in cultures of the Imvine type tiie aeidity'd. Nix again for his kind appreciation jobs of the views of the dental THE PHYSICIAN AND THE NATIONAL It has been definitely settled that physicians, in the discharge of their professional duties, are not within the terms of the National Industrial Recovery Act. In one of the animals the left kidney was the only other organ affected; in the other, both kidneys, the liver, and the pancreas contained miliary tubercles. He immediately felt severe pain down the course of the oesophagus, and afterwards there was constant pain and tenderness at the pyloric end of the stomach. Their differences are sufficiently accounted for by the different" seats" of those lesions. The ridges thus converging give to the pattern the appearance of a tent in outline, hence the name direction of the little finger toward that of the thumb it is a radial loop. To this normal condition of disease-promoting factors there must occasionally be added the occurrence of a famine, due to a general failure in crops or to an epidemic among domestic animals, etc. I ceased niy attendance on the familv COMMUNICATIONS, LETTERS, etc., have been received from: the International Hygienic Society, London; Mr. Very rarely, however, is the clinical picture unmixed. This process is attended with the development of a diffuse swelling in the parotid region which interferes with the free movement of the head and lower jaw. In tlie event of the person who has dis appeared turning up within fourteen years after the date of his presumed death, he shall be entitled to reclaim his estate, but after the expiring of fourteen years his claim shall be barred. Cuddie, who was looked upon as a kind of simpleton, in leading a few of the Covenanters by a secret way to take the place, approaches the kitchen window, and receives the scalding contents of a large pot of" kail brose," with the remarks of the cook, in a hysterical scream," Miu-der, murder I we are a' harried and ravished! the castle's ta'en! tak' it Apart from the interest, however, with which the romantic pen of Scott surrounds it, the castle was of importance. Probably the direct intercourse with the Saracens may have caused respect for their superior medical attainments and practice, as the celebrated Arabian school was then at its climax, and the works of Rhazes and Avicenna were in high repute. With acetic acid it gave a copious opalescent deposit. Tumors contaiuiug cartilage, bono, liEFERENCE IIAXDBOOK OP THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.

Haward advocates, and that we usually did so. Fnr as it was referable to tlie bowels, began to re-appcar: by the niiildle of the monili of May it had again pervaded the prison; and by the midtile of the month of June, all the prisoners, without exception, who had formerly suffered; and all, with very few exceptions, who had been exposed to its presumed causes, yet had never admitted into the Penitentiary since its presumed causes had been removed, were involved in the same calamity; and the remedies, which were formerly successful in controlling it, had not now the Of this comprch.cnsive and indiscriminating malady, then, wdiat was the genuine nature, and what were the true sources? AVhy did those persons who, having already suffered the disseasc, had under treatment recovered, again relapse; why was their number now increased by the addition of many who had hitherto escaped or resisted its assaults; why were the new inmates, who had become inhabitants of the Institution, after the diet had been improved, and the weather had become morq genial, involved in the same calamity; and above all, whywere the remedial means which were previously successful in controlling it, now utterly unavailing? To furnish a satisfactory answer to these natural questions, is the chief object of the subsequent part of Dr Latham's treatise; and if the difficidties of the subject render the inquiry more complicated than was anticipated, and the solution in some respects less complete than could be desired, it will only show the necessity of longer and more careful observation of phenomcn;i, and more Sn Dr Lalliam on the Disease rfthe Oct. At this station the Hosiiital Corpsmen shall be prepared to apply tourniquets, adjust temporary splints, apply protective dressings, and administer stimulants. No change of colour followed the addition of thirty or forty drops of fuming hydrochloric acid to a The urea was estimated by Liebig's volumetric process with nitrate of mercury, allowance being always made for the presence of chlorides. A radiographic examination revealed the presence of two large grenade-splinters, about the same size as that which had been extracted, one being situated in the internal and superior portion of the thigh and the other in the superior and A little lower the presence of five or six other small splinters was noted:

The source is not only shown in this way, but it is also evident from a will very often be found in relation to the vessels. Under such circumstances serious changes in the thoracic paiietes may take place.

Gradually the fibrous intercellular substance increases in amount, while the cells become fewer and flattened, and cicatricial tissue is formed. In addition to medical attendants some of the organiaztions furnish medicines, but the limitations of prescribing are totally inadequate for proper medical care since they permit only a certain definite quantity and only from a restricted number of drugs.