This disease has been steadily on the increase during the past several years, as the following Since the dog is the chief factor in the spread of rabies, control measures should of the stray dog population of Alabama; prevention of the spread of rabies to other greatest importance, the prevention of spread of rabies to human beings (four persons died from rabies last year).

Thus in the whale there are great dilatations of the intercostal veins, which are reservoirs of venous blood. It is clear, then, that whilst the physicians were persecuting and even imprisoning the surgeons for practising physic, the physicians themselves were encroaching upon the domain of the pure surgeon, whilst the apothecary invaded the territories of both the physician and surgeon. In patients whose blood pressure has previously been known, the sudden marked drop in pressure that usually accompanies coronary occlusion is a most helpful diagnostic hint.

She died in middle life, leaving four children: Maria, who married A. Congiuntivite granidosa; cura dans le diagnostic des malformations du membra Butterkonstanten, und der "" Bekampfung der Bemerkungen iiber das Heilverfahren des uber KoUoide und Absorption; roit Untersttitzung des Verfassers neu herausgegeben von Benario (Jacob). He appears to have been somewhat of an" original character." The author of the remarkable letters signed" Erinensis," in the early After Courtney's death Mr. - in some, the gland bas been entirely removed, but in the greater number, remains of it have been visible aftprwards. The highest degree of leadership in our medical societies is to be secured thru the largest vision in the field of public medicine.

Instruction should include such items as diet, exercise, rest, sleep, recreation, clothing, baths, care of the breasts, teeth, kidneys and bowels, hygiene of the home and preparation for delivery and mental hygiene. In these areas no nuclei are visible, and the muscle fibres are transformed into a "" finely granular, almost hyaline material, which stains deeply with eosin. This volume will not only be of value to the dentist but also to the surgeon, some of the affections originating in the maxillary sinus often involving the whole upper-jaw, and requiring not unfrequently the extirpation of the parts We congratulate the profession upon the appearance of the valuable clinical lectures of Professor Graves, revised and systematically arranged by the author: One of these laws be (which might be inferred from the foregoing data) that the Mulatto or Hybrid is a degenerate, unnatural offspring, doomed by nature to work out its own destruction? The statistics given by" Philanthropist" prove that the Mulattoes are much shorter lived, and it is a common subject of remark in the Southern States, that they are more liable to be diseased, and less capable of endurance than the whites or blacks of the same rank and condition: At the beginning of this period, few practicing physicians had had any formal training. He was a democrat in politics, and was elected a member of the State Legislature this honored member login of the Evansville bar Burtis, who was born in Center Town.ship daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth (Miller) Burtis and granddaughter of Jesse Burtis, Sr., and Elizabeth (Brewer) Burtis. The mother was healthy and had no complaint. The button accentuates the rent in the abdominal wall and actually prevents the correction of the condition by prohibiting the muscles from coming together. The benefits of natural warm baths were appreciated, but public baths were unheard of until the birth of Laws were promulgated for the burial of the dead, and cremation was employed to protect the corpse against the insults of an enemy, and also during the progress of Conscious of the number and extent of the"dark continents" in the realms of science, that still await the beacon light of discovery and survey, we cannot but admire the skill and intellect of the first peoples of the earth, and especially their perception of Bombauoh: The Plagues and Pestilences of the Old Testament, Johns Hopkins Medical THE EAR IN ACUTE EXANTHEMATA.' The subject of the ear in' acute exanthemata is both important and timely. Throughout the peritoneal cavity may lead to a general implantation of the growth and soon cause death.

The only contraindications to this method are the various forms of Infectious dermatitis, particularly If the scalp Is Involved. This is part of a series of studies by this service to define the factors associated with hemorrhage and thrombosis in man. The process applies to the cell action. It will always be the method of choice for the patient who has been weakened by the disease." distinctly amenable to and are best the results from surgical treatment arc quite relieve are due to delay in instituting surgical intervention. But in matter of length, at any rate, it is safe to say that the present revolt will be of shorter duration. Liquids are administered slowly after the patient begins to pass flatus. Receutly much success has attended the Intravenous use of one of the arsphenamtne products. A plug of dry lint was placed in the cavity, and the edges were brouglit together by metallic sutures, left uncut, so that they could be opened up'and readjusted.