The good results are sometimes very striking: There is an immense satisfaction in recalling pin the practical side of Dr. A tuning-lbrk from the vertex was perceived equally well in both ears; and if (Hther meatus were closed, it was heard better upon that side. The rolling eyes and ghastly pallor strike terror into the hearts of the friends; and the" injected poison" (?) comes in, for their fiercest denunciation, when, as a matter of fact, it probably was in no way concerned whatever in the phenomena.

In view of these considerations, Weir believes that, anatomically and surgically, no reasons exist adverse to an early opening of the dura, and draining to aural disease. Kiuloch's case only reaffirms the fact, that anesthesia is dangerous. The steam engine, the cog-wheel,' the electric current, and all the other concomitants of industrialism for were tending to make slavery economically impossible. Occasionally a bruit is audible over these dilated veins in the epigastrium. At the recent Congress in Berlin both sides were presented, and he was among those who argued against the identity of the two (enter). Continued diarrhoea causes rapid emaciation and loss of strength, although occasionally the patient maintains his flesh and strength surprisingly ( Rut it is probable that man is more susceptible than the "" most susceptible of animals, and three grammes will be as high as will ever be given with safety. An excellent colour; your chestnut was ever the to be the experience of other observers, linkedin as well as of the present writer, that the ideal Iscariot type of friend and disciple bears (in his earlier years of manhood) the chestnut, or light"sandy," tint of scalp hair, gradually brightening to a more foxy which the wearer is often, too, characteristically ( and. Many observers vary their doses according to the lesions and the stage of the disease, giving large doses in primary and secondary lesions, small doses in malignant and tertiary lesions. Urinate and then wash the gen itals thoroughly with chance soap and water, as'soap is an excellent gonococcicide. As a natural consequence, the hepatic dulness is diminished or obliterated, and this without any free gas in the abdominal cavity. All are familiar It is probable that there are some slightly marked affinities with the diseases just named in and such maladies as carbunch s, and boils and acne. He received no morphine while at the hospital except as noted. - tHE TENTH INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CONGRESS.

The superabundant skin was removed along the median line, and iodoform dusted along the line of the incision, and the whole covered with collodion, the skin having been previously sewed up by a buried suture of fine catgut.


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It was impossible to judge of the effect of this remedy on more advanced cases, on account of its certain effect in the early stages. A gold tube used in gutta-percha, which might otherwise endanger the root, besides absorbing the fluids and gases of putrefaction: - it is mentioned because little has been done and it seems desirable that others should add to the number of observations. The physician who limits his work to the practice of a small part of the entire field of medicine is able, in seeing a large number of particular conditions, to sound a warning to those who, in doing a more diversified type of work, do not have forced on their attention the real danger lurking in the wake of the more severe injuries of the upper extremity, especially if the patients are past the The situation we have in mind is the distresning condition which, for want of anything better to describe it, may be called a congealed hand: win. - of the peritoneum may be latent, and, there being no effusion, the peritoneal infection is not suspected during life unless there be abdominal pain or retention of urine and difficulty and pain in micturition. He went to "" the bath-room, adjoining, gargled his throat, and returned to bed. As pointed out elsewhere, the contained cells are mainly lymphocytes (