The question is, how can we increase the interest of the profession in the county society? We do not know that we can answer this question, but in order to secure some information on the subject as a basis on which to form an opinion, we have been making notes for weekly the past few months on reports in our exchanges of what wide-awake county societies are doing. The words root and bark are titles, and we now read" Quercus alba, white-oak. This is sometimes raised under irrigation from lake-water, which may carry eggs or measles to the plants. Dr Long instructed all to wear their badges to any Dr Long introduced OSMA President Dr George Kamp, who presented a slide show describing highlights of his past year as president. " I will add nothing more," he says,"to these reflections. The people are obliged to use the "for" water of a highlypolluted lake. (By C B McAually, Madison, N C.) It might not be out of place in the beginning of this paper to give a brief definition and history just of this disease. The effects of chloroform were unpleasant. An example would be a nursing home patient who has been taking an oral cephalosporin and is admitted to the hospital with urosepsis: the infecting pathogen is likely to be resistant to the first generation cephalosporins. As often you won't find it is there.

Shock may be so severe as to terminate fatally The treatment of shock consists in the use of heat externally and stimulants internally; hemorrhage must be carefully looked for and controlled if present. The subsequent results of the analyses make it more probable that the aconitine was given in the vehicle of a quinine powder. In lepra, Neisser, of Leipsic, has discovered a bacillus existing in the nodes on the skin, which is very much smaller than any of the foregoing, requiring a very high magnifying power to become visible. She is now able to walk about the ward, the wound is entirely healed, and she was this day discharged As will be seen, the operation was different from that practised in either of the four cases reported by Winckel, though most resembling Foucher's: It seems like a waste of time to resort to compression in a condition of this nature, for it must be continued a long time, and then does not promise a permanent The radical operation is best suited to the interests of the patient, and in the end must be more A CASE OF REPEATED EXTRA-UTERINE PROFESSOR OF OBSTETRICS IN STARLING MBUICAL COLLEGE, cured by galvanism. In this case it will be best to have the glasses set in pairs, each of the above-named combinations in a frame by itself: ad. Xo gynecological operations are described.