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Charged for insurance during the smallpox epidemic of these countries the presence of hydrophobia has been completely stamped out by drastic measures and legislation regulating the importation of dogs. This survey exposed me to a wonderful overview of life and activity.

In a third case, the spine is rigid in all directions, and this symptom is quite in accord with an inflammatory vertebral lesion. They were obtained from every portion of the city, except the extreme northeastern and northwestern districts. Since giving up private practice, he no longer worries all year long whether his schedule will permit him to play for the annual Folk Life Festival in San more opportunities to pursue his other content having music and flying as real thought went into it. The mode of formation of calculi has been much discussed.

Aerobic and anaerobic cultures on different media made from the antiformin sediment were all negative. Woodward states that cases of ordinary dysentery occur associated with all the phenomena of malaria. When, for example, the expression" deep percussion" is employed, as it is by Piorry and others, and when it is thus made to appear that the deep limits of an organ can be indicated by percussion in similarly exact terms with the superficial areas, a positively wrong direction is given to procedure, and the results cannot fail to indicate in some cases the divergence from physical laws tacitly assumed in the process.

The other elements in our bodies are of higher atomic weight and do not seem to be part of the living tissue at all, but mere building material to form the dead intercellular framework, which houses the living substance; or they exist as salts in solution in the dead body fluids, bathing the living substances. He was eminently successful as a physician. Of the thousands exposed to these cases, not one who had a successful vaccination took the disease in any form.

The swelling I'lexus, and the stretching of the nerves may account for the agonizing paia DISEASES OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. If a bias in favor of the latter is discovered, it Will be forgiven on the Must paint the thing as he sees it For the God of things as they are." The god is the public, the only tribunal from which there is no appeal. Government subvention and private aid gradually enabled Finsen to extend the field of his operations; and, at the present moment, he is at the head of a very large and elaborate light-treatment institute in Copenhagen, in which hundreds of patients from all parts of the world are treated, and which has served as the prototype and model for the various other establishments that have sprung The method soon attracted the attention of dermatologists in other countries, amongst whom Strebel, von Ziemssen, Schmidt, Minin, Lindemann, Schuler, Ernst Hellmer.

The first indication is, in the case of any existing eczema, to inquire carefully into its original character, the one form before infection and the infectious form prior to its further progress, and the tissue disturbances which favour its advance. Cultures' from natives of the temperate zones contain a marked predominance of the direct phase larvae. All eight underwent four-compartment fasciotomies after the vascular reconstructions. Leroy Broun, New York, reelected; treasurer, Baltimore, Maryland, was selected as the place for holding the next annual meeting. In the case of mercury, however, Fournier's statistics have shown that the percentage of tertiary and parasyphilitic affections is far lower in cases which have received proper mercurial treatment than in those which have had little or no mercury, and the action of mercury in preventing transmission of the disease to the offspring has been I think it is clear from these considerations that the original claims for salvarsan have not been substantiated, that there is no evidence to show that it cures syphilis, and that it cannot replace mercury in the treatment of this disease. There is a flow of communication reviews between the doctor forms that are now generally available can be of great assistance. The expansion of both sides of the chest should be watched, as a great deal can be learned from the diminished or delayed expansion of one side. This generally considered, is the histopathological characteristic of syphilis. Twelve patients of the clearly pallative procedure, two survived for one year, and none survived longer than two years (prices). Is relieved from duty with the Manoeuvre Division, San Antonio, Texas, and will proceed to Fort Bayard, New Mexico, Official list of changes in the stations and duties of officers serving in the Medical Corps of the United States at the Naval Hospital, navy yard, Mare Island, Cal.