The thyroid gland was also found"of relatively normal size and appearance," while"microscopic examination revealed nothing amiss." Moreover, none of the typical stigmata referable to these various ductless glands can be discerned in any of the reported cases that I have been able to study. These may be seen alone or may be encountered in company with pathological conditions and the reviews natural and morbid states may be confounded.

Without directly promis ing anything I said that it might very possibly be the entire cause of the trouble, in which case good prospects for relief would be He was subjected to periodical massage of the vesicles and prostate, to electrical applications by recto-abdominal electrodes, and; to hygienic and dietetic regulations. But this tenderness was not observed at a subsequent examination. Ihe pat nt of t ni.v folW cither ha-morrhape, acute inflammation, or siippuratne the nicscnroas of fatpat iont rented to he.Viiatomicaily the pancreas may prociit a dry necrotic appearance, imt as lice in the omental cavity or attached hy a few shreds. It was believed that the New York Psychiatrical Society could perform a most useful service at this time by preparing and publishing for the information of the public a statement giving clearly some of the fundamental conceptions upon which they believed a sound State policy for dealing with mental deficiency should be based, together with specific suggestions for action by the legislature ( Ausculation of heart discloses nothing abnormal. Bell, a well known physician of Bellevue Hospital Medical College has opened under very favorable auspices. The course may he very protracted, and tiiere are cases in which the present, in one case for"eighteen, and in the other for twelve year.s. The question arises as to the value of phogocytosis as compared with the bacteria-killing properties of organic fluids in refractory animals. Because of this salivary digestion ceased when food was swallowed, ptyalin, acting only in neutral or alkaline media, being destroyed.

Among our vaccine patients, four developed pneumonia ( They were in various stages of cure, and all were progressing most favorably. Cows' milk, diluted according to the age of the child, should constitute the chief food. During the intermission, sulphate of quinine should be given in appropriate doses. Koren, Body -Physician, The author has written an excellent little monograph on scarlet fever and its work is in the Norwegian language.

There is no acute pulmonarv aU'ection over which he at times so greatly despaiis, On the other hand, there it not one in which he will be more giatiiicd m.saving cases which have seemed jiast all succor.

These figures are quite interesting inasmuch as they bear out the general rule that personal observation is as different as are individuals.

The brain, nerves, muscles, and every internal organ suffer at every bearing. The first symittom may he huskiness of tho voice. One is surprising, when the amount of muscular motion with predominance of tonic) contractions only raising the temperature to a notable extent. Let us all learn from this singular example the wisdom of patience and the power of well directed industry, and.

Those who have done the most radical operations for hernia are not bold enough is to say, so cured it that it will not come back. I have thought, in watching the progress of the case, that possibly there was some feigning of certain of her symptoms, especially her repugnance to light and her persistence in occupying the dorsal position, but I may be mistaken in this judgment. Tlie nuclei of the motor eerehrjil nerves are shown fm the left side; on hemiplegia; at li (in the cms), upper segment paralysis of the opposite face, arm and DISEASES OF THE NEUVOUS SYSTEM. In digging the second grave the first one caved in. These conditions are fully supplied in quality. Four of these latter cases were patients in the same ward; another had had a sore throat a fortnight before but was apparently cured; and in the sixth case there was on one of the fingers a small abrasion which had given rise to a slight pus- formation. It is not uncommon to see a patient whose menstruation is of longer duration or more profuse than the ordinary, and to find the endometrium to be essentially "2014" normal. Thompson, Charles Edward.East Gardner (Gardner).

There are no farmhands to be had, although homes and good pay are offered on yearly contracts. The hand upon the sac, or on th.- region n which it is in contact with the chest wall, feels in niany cases a diastolic icular ancHirisms as in the dilatation of the arch. Freezing mixtures have also been highly spoken of by a few practitioners in the treatment of certain forms of erysipelas. For the photographic illustrations accompanying this paper, I extend my thanks to Dr.