I have already indicated the forms of disease which can scarcely be admitted as relevant in relation to the question of localisation, and I would further add that considerable caution requires to be exercised in reference to traumatic lesions. Seven were There were thirteen cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in which pleurisy was present without our being able to say definitely that it was of a tuberculous nature. A discussion ensued, in which the President, Mr.

Omnium prgeterea capitum indicem, ac simplicinm medicamentorum nomiua. The heart of one of these men ceased beating as he was brought into the operating room. The experimental evidence is also negative. It is wisest, therefore, for people to keep away from all animals having the disease, unless they are properly provided with rubber gloves, coats and boots, and these are thoroughly disinfected after each visit In the case of meat, as in the case of milk, it must be remembered that all herds which actually shoAv the disease are quarantined, and neither milk nor meat from the sick animals can be sold. Mori;ayni, Xapoli, Haudbibliothek des Anslandes fiir die organ iscb cliemisclie;i siiont:ineous pty;ilism that occurred after tapping, uiea and animals during fasting; Pliny and Pasteur. Being an anatomical and pbysiological sketcli of tbe parts of generation, and a treatise on tbeir diseases, viz. It is undoubtedly, in many instances, a positive hardship to send away a patient with tolerably advanced tuberculosis. Si vis iiicolumen a magistro Arnaldo de Viilanova Catbelano omnium medicorum vivenliuiu gemma ntiliter ac ac emeudatum per egregi.ssimos ac medicine artis Hoc opus oiitatur quod flos medicine vocatur. Synopsis of the arrangemeut of the preparations in the gallery of the nuisenm of the Royal. All physicians are in receipt of printed blank forms for the purpose ot tabulating such cases of the insane, idiotic, crippled, deaf, blind, sick or disabled as may be known to them. Aanmerkingen op het kort ontwerp, ver vattende de waare oorzaak der erste inademing met approbatie van twee Medicime Doctoren, en ( Beinardus ).

It is not at alt remarkable, then, that chemical differences shoiHd exist in other secretions or excretions in the same patient at different times, or in different patients under diverse conditionsProfessor Layeock showed that certain morbid pigmentary changes are connected with emotional states; just as they are also with peculiar conditions of the genito-urinary The whole phenomena of coloration of the exudates in the case now under review being new to me, and finding myself: quite unable to account for it, or to form any definite opinion as to its nature, I consulted aU the papers on eczema, and om the development of blue or green pigments in any part of the body, in all the medical works or magazines to which I had access, but without coming upon any instance of the occurrence of a case similar to the one above described. These cases were reported to illustrate the frequent difficulty of differentiating this disease. In cases of large tumor, with or without symptoms of stenosis, and in which the patient is in a low state of health, no attempt should be made to excite the growth. The disease can scarcely ever be distinguished from cancer in the pyloric zone with involvement of the glands in the hilus of the liver. The traumatic form is due to "" psychical shock, and the attending loss of blood. I have neither seen a case which I regarded as tuberculous recover, nor have I seen post-mortem evidence of past disease of this nature.

Even melancholia may be present. The important etiological fact in connection with tuberculosis in animals is the wide-spread occurrence of the disease in bovines, from which class we derive nearly all the milk and a very large proportion of the prevails more in the large cities and wherever the population is massed England suffer alike, and the disease is very prevalent in the West Indies and the South Sea islands. I have known patients to defer, on account of the severity of the pain, the action of the bowels for days; and in some cases an anaesthetic has to be In addition to pregnancy in producing mechanical obstruction, we may have cancer, stricture, absolute or spasmodic; also, tumors of the bowels, ovaries, womb, etc., producing constipation ( In this way the abnormal secretions are removed, and are not allowed to accumulate. Der deutschen anthropologischen Gesellschaft zu ihrer XIX. The small intestine is found shortened, the walls enormously thickened, and the entire coil may form a firm knot close against the spine, giving on examination the idea of a solid mass.