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It was also seen that these lesions depended on simple hypertrophy of the organs, microscopic examination disclosing nothing more than an increase of normal elements. Eobinson of Greenock tells me, however, of a case in wliich for two days prior to death there was general uneasiness, pawing with the fore feet, and, what might be looked upon as diagnostic, a dark patch of perspiration was seen to be constantly present on the skin opposite the diaphragm on one side. There are several other causes, however, which operate in w hich is, the want of rest at night. What we need, more than anything else, is, to cultivate the habit of thoroughness which characterizes our The fowler's shot resounds through pleasant air, The maples have put on their red and gold, The purple haze envelops wood and wold And makes the homeliest things look soft and fair.

In the two latter diseases, although there is a tumor situated in the lumbar and abdominal regions, the progress of both aflections is essentially chronic, and neither are accompanied by fever. - just before closing abdomen it was seen that there was no Lane's kink or Jackson's membrane. There are also chapters on the sanitation of school buildings and on methods of preventing epidemics of contagion in schools. - on one ude was an ovarian cyst, the size of a large orange, and on the other side was a cyst of the broad ligament of about the same size. Ksperimeuts have been made on healthy persons and urates of lithium found in the excretions from the kidneys by the spectroscope, in the proportion ofone to forty thousand: This prism angle is the measure In my next article I shall deal with the diagnosis and measurement of actual strabismus, and the methods of dealing with these A Study of Plans for Professional Defense IN CRITICIZING freely present conditions in the profession, we certainly should be ungrateful if at the same time we could not offer remedies for their correction.

The trunk is brown, scaly, and of a good size. The pericardium is covered with ecchymosed spots. - the ureter is less frequently injured than formerly and Bumm prefers ligation if it should for any reason be cut across too high for implantation into the bladder. In this connection I want to call attention to some work recently done by Goldwater, of the Public Health Service, who believes the disease to be of nutritional origin. It sometimes attends febrile affections, as well those of an inflammatory as of a putrid nature; but it seldom occurs in any, unless a hot regimen and sweat precede.

The body increases in fat, and rendered incapable of being the medium of mental exertion, the memory is enfeebled, and the unhappy sleeper falls into a lethargic state, by which his sensibility is, in a great measure, destroyed. In neuralgia of the cervico-brachial nerve, nerves, cold baths and bandages in, Neuro - retinitis, in abscess of the Neuro-retinitis duplex in abscess of regions of tongue having the most exquisite Neuroses of the motor nerves, xi: So far all medicinal treatment has been PiROPLASMosis (P. In reality, there is only the peritoneum to keep the kidney in apposition with the quadratus lumborum and psoas muscles; and this statement is proved to be correct by the facility with which the organ is removed when the peritoneum is torn. After which, one or two poultices may be continued, to accelerate the discharge of matter, for a day or two; when the sore must be kept clean with soap-suds, and dressed night and morning with basilicon, spread on lint, until the matter be mostly discharged. The mucous membranes were of a dark blue colour; eyes dull, expression staring, pupils dilated; pulse quick, scarcely perceptible; abdomen distended and urine dark; occasionally there were no fever symptoms. Ordinarily the blood condition is not a factor in inducing or prolonging the hemorrhage.

As soon as she came near, with a horrid frown, and a voice that chilled my very blood, she bade me follow her. In addition, its power of checking internal and external hemorrhage (especially hemoptysis) promptly has been demonstrated again and again, and the number of successes is constantly growing; and it still retains its place as one of the most valuable remedies at our disposition for the relief of the dry cough and viscid expectoration, which is so characteristic of various stages of bronchitis and pneumonia. The same may be said of the pulse; but the bowels are generally costive, and the appetite impaired. Beitler, who won the commendation of every one for his activity, energy, and suavity in the discharge of the delicate and many times trying duties It would be easy to add many more resolutions of this kind, and it is really a temptation to print the letters received by Major Normoyle and his associates from the Secretary of War and from General Wood, the Chief of Associated with and assisting Normoyle, were a corps of fine, competent officers from the various branches of the service.