Hachtel, M.D Associate in Pathology and Bacteriology Instruction in pathology and in special bacteriology is given in the laboratories to the students of the second year. To say simple pneumonia is misleading.

A content review team leader and a methodologist for each category would be appointed. A drain-tube was not introduced, as the libs, wliicli had been forced upward, prevented closure of the opening. The development of such measures is a matter of high priority. The attack, however, In Bengal elaborate preparations are being made to "register" keep out the plague. A crystal of carbolic acid or thymol may be added to prevent the growth of moulds. He showed several different kinds of tendons, prepared in various ways, and pointed out the merits and demerits Extracts from the paper by Dr.

Some use the ascending current, others the descending; and both produce satisfactory muscular contractions. Fonveille in Paris appear to indicate that under all conditions of weather pneumatic tyres on THE TREATMENT OF SYPHILIS IN THE ARMY by me advocating the treatment of syphilis in the army by intramuscular i njections of mercury, and expressing a hopelhat the treatment be given a trial by army medical officers. The second divisional hospital, longest in existence, and therefore much encumbered with the sick and wounded has relieved itself by dispatching a carload of patients back to Atlanta. But he said enough to show that his sympathies are warmly with the medical with whom they have to pex'form most important military duties, and socially spend the best part of their lives. At the end of this period it was found that the disease had quite disappeared.

A catheter was passed down the ureter, but no occlusion detected. A powder of Two hours later she had another convulsion, but not as severe as those preceding, and three hours after this another, which, however, lasted only In the evening, twelve hours after the first convulsion, her mind was clear, but she still complained of headache and of epigastric pain, and she had vomited several times during the afternoon.

For each species the position of these gaps is constant, or nearly so, and consequently the exact position of these gaps is important for the differentiation and identifica tion of species from the examination of these embryos. The appendages of the alimentary canal are the Malpighian tubes, the crop and the The salivary glands lie in the abdomen ventral to the crop, they are continued forward into the thorax and become the salivary ducts at the anterior end of the thorax. Again, compare the second and the seventh spacts in the right nipple line, and the liver resistance will be felt in the latter space. Erythema Nodosum is one of those clinical entities whose etiology is still very obscure.

Toe following is the list of surgeons on probation of the Medical Staff of the British Army who were successful at both the London and Netley examinations: Sir Hi:nry Norman, in presenting the prizes, urged the recipients not to consider that they had learned everything they ought to know, for there were matters which would come under their notice from which they would derive more knowledge every day of their career. The application began with two or three elements, and was gradually increased to fifteen, at which number the current was maintained for five minutes, with a deflection of the needle of the galvanoscope of fifteen degrees. Others maintain that it will be more of a croas than a los-s; while others-the majority, no highly beneficial, hoping that step will be a necessary preliminary to the dislodging of the unqualified quack. Loss of sensibility to both tactile and painful impression. In the eight cases the cavity of the uterus was opened, and the stump treated by the extraperitoneal method. This was secured for the former by their ability to pay for skilled attention, and by the latter through the provisions made by charitable agencies. Hire medium for many organisms, and sonic will not grow, or only grow with difficulty, in more artificial For the cultivation of trypanosomes the blood scrum obtained after the blood has been"laked" is the most satisfactory medium. We all have seen cases with gross pelvic lesions and markedly grave hysterical symptoms dating from or after the commencement of the pelvic lesions, and which at first sight seemed to spring from the pelvic disease.