Old term for an application to the navel, mentioned by Paulus for a pm-ging salt, the sulphate of magnesia, formerly obtained by boiling down Epsom water, but now manufactiu'ed on an extensive scale; cathai-tic salt. Cases involving and have resulted in a psychotic illness manifested by restlessness, mood or behavior changes, hallucinations or delusions. - kaufmann, on the Role which Functional Disorders Play in the Pathology of the Stomach; Beneficial Eflfect of Duodenal Alimentation in Cirrhosis of the Liver, by Dr.

A morphia suppository was at once administered, and some tinctuie of opium was given by the bowel later in the day. Name for a cutaneous worm formerly called Cutambulus, Gor'get, Surg. They rush, into print with any old case: often (t believe) to have a legitimate excuse to mail reprints as an advertising proposition. In ophthalmic practice it was being used successfully in all inflammatory conditions due to the presence of germs. During the above period she lost flesh rapidly and A few months after my mother's death I was married. He received his BA at John Hopkins University; and a few years later he served as chief resident in psychiatry at Bowman Gray's Graylyn Hospital. Tubercle in the lungs almost always precedes tubercle in the larynx. This case then teaches a lesson which is exclusively its own. On another occasion, he would rely on stitching the lumbar wound, peritoneal, muscular, and cutaneous, as close as possible up to the intestine, and then attaching the latter by the ordinary colotomy sutures to A Danger from the Use of the Double Suture after Intestinal Resection. Salvarsan must never be applied to a patient suffering from a recent lesion of the acoustic nerve in either of its branches. The test should be used with caution in patients known to be allergic to acacia, or to thimerosal Ask your representative for details or write Medical Advisory Dept.. This method should be instituted in all cases of ulcer where ordinary medical means have failed, and where the general condition of the patient has become worse through rectal feeding. Fasciolelta As factor in Tropical diseases Field-rat (Indian), hsemogregarine parasitic in Found in lymphatic system of man Difficulty of extraction from human body Carried by mosquitoes of several genera and species Transmission to others and re-infection of individual Resemblance of some species to each other, close Method of escape from mosquitoes Fish, blood-plasma of trypanosomes in Fixation of paraffin sections on slide See also Leishman-Donovan bodies. Term for the stitching, or sewing together of the divided edges of p'liyvvixi, to burst forth.) Pathol. Dnchennc, who may be" It appears then, on the whole, that the excitation of muscle by static electricity ought fff nerally to be excluded from j)ractice, and tiie more so since it may be replaced by another electric ajrcnt, which will be described in the third section (induced electricity); and which excites muscular contractility and sensibility in a more euergelic and effectual manner than the former, without any of the inconveniences that I have described.

A physician or surgeon who cured diseases the art of curing diseases by the use of ointments; first instituted by Prodicus, a. To benefits some gastric contents in a test tube is added a little freshly made tincture of guaiac (this is made by dissolving a little resin of guaiac in alcohol); then some old turpentine is added and the test tube is shaken up; a blue color shows the presence of Weber's test.

We needed most of all that public spirit which would help institutions to get money to enlarge their facilities, so that a large number of these defectives could be cared for. He was under my charge for months at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Term for the crepitation, or crackling noise produced by certain bodies when heated, as common salt, etc.

The whole group of nervous diseases dependent upon syphilis, I should like to discuss later and at some length: email. (i) Prompt operation saves complications and dangerous, as their use causes delay. In the posterior upright position the head is steadied against the body and the left wrist of the operator touches the side of the patient's head, thus giving a feeling of security and assurance to both operator and patient.