It is absolutely impossible to make a delicate test in an unfiltered urine or with turbid solutions. This gentleman then presented the history of a case of pyosalpynx, and exhibited the pathological specimen that he removed from a case that had recently been under his care. There is no history of repeated loose discharges, as was the case Perhaps the most remarkable features of our case are, first, the apparently perfect recovery after so long a continuance of chylous phenomena; secondly, the repeated drain of chyle from the system without any appreciable loss of llesh or strength. A serious bruise or strain, or a fracture, will be attended with pain, and with difficulty in moving the part; we want, therefore, further signs to convince us that dislocation has taken place, and these are principally to be sought in the changes of appearance which the dislocation produces in the joint, and in the configuration or direction of that part of the limb in which the luxated bone is In the first place, you of course have an alteration in the figure of the joint, and an alteration in relation to each other of various other points or prominences which are to be felt on the bones that enter into the articulation. C, has been drinking ever since he was a boy, and will illustrate one of the effects of both ago) in the condition known as alcoholic delirium.

A few treatments like this will suffice to clear up the condition as well as to relieve the excoriations caused by the discharge at the In all cases of purulent disease of the middle ear, where, upon examination, we find the drainage insufficient we should lose no time in enlarging the opening through which the discharge is passing, and many times it is desirable, instead of enlarging the old perforation, to make a free incision through the drum membrane at some other point to facilitate more rapid drainage. In a young subjeel Sunn finds thai n more advanced age Hey's saw or the mallet and osteotome will chisel for removing a portion of the tarsus.

Medicines which diminish condensing vapours, or for cooling any substance as it passes through it.

Epidemics which always occur in other portions of the country, at the same time are presumably due to the same causes.

Theoretically, nothing could be more perfect than such a cooperative arrangement. Eampo, is employed in the Brazils as a, substitute for cinchona bark.

Brachial artery and median nerve were divided; artery ligated at both ends and riyadhealth.med.sa muscles sutured. Le Fort,tm reports a case of dislocation of both shoulders at an interval of three weeks, during sleep, presumably the resull Two c;isis of compound dislocation of the shoulder with forced through the skin of the axilla and through the patient's clothes; alter reduction and prolonged suppuration the patient recovered with complete ankylosis.

The abdomen was flushed with htt hot water. Possibly, therefore, the condition is due to a rhythmical imperfection in the cuticle http of the hair. Notified by the police that the body of an infant had been found floating in Taunton River. We find in such cases the lung unequally expanded throughout, adherent to the chest- wall where expansion has taken place; and where this has failed an abscess cavity exists, or there may be several such abscesses communicating with one another, ttp or with the external wound by narrow orifices. Furthermore, manipulations or pressure upon the kidneys have been shown to materially change the character of the urine. Substance employed in cliemical analysis, for ascertaining the quantity or quality of the component parts of bodies, by re-acting upon their elements. This can be explained on either view. In elderly persons the refractive powers of the eye become gradually diminished, so that the rays of light are not brought to a proper focus on the retina; the refractive powers are lessened, so that they do not converge the rays with sufiicient power for the purpose of vision; hence such a person is unable to see objects situated distance, nor see to mend a pen, nor perceive minute objects placed near the organ not being adequate to bring the divergent rays which proceed from near objects to a focus; yet such a person can see distinctly objects at a greater distance.


If we are warranted in drawing any conclusions on this point, the bacilli after their ingestion, seem to time of the breaking down of the mtestinal lesions. To both combined we owe much valuable material for scientific research and beneficial discussion of mooted points.