He gives an account of the treatment of a tumour by stroking and using certain words to drive away'the devil's swelling.' A third letter is about a shoemaker who went where unknown to practise and who being called to see a case of dropsy pronounced it pleurisy, and declared that'fleglottomy' was demanded to reduce the body to natural size; but on being exposed took a hasty departure. These blanks should be distributed through the agency of county clerks, to the several towns. He continues the administration for a long time, but marked improvement in cases amenable to the treatment are manifested within the first month, sometimes within a few days.

All honour to them and to the Canadian nurses and students who go with them. With regard to the first (a) stimulation of the cervical sympathetic produced: (i,) Prominence of the eye; had shown that feeding a healthy animal on thyroid extract produced similar results. These are followed in order of frequency by hemiparesis, aphasia, convulsions, hemisensory loss, ataxia, and visual field defect.

The hernia may be congenital or acquired. Many surgeons regard the condition of the voice as a valuable sign for good or ill, following severe surgical operations. One child had a rash over its body.

The pupils dilate and contract readily even in the blind eye and we find in these patients some of the other stigmata of hysteria, as localized areas of anesthesia or hyperesthesia.

With a normal healthy infant one has at least a good prospect of succeeding, but during the hot weather, and when the case is complicated with an entero-colitis, the difficulties are increased ten-fold. Not all of Bunting and Yates' cultures were pathogenic for monkeys.

It is not too much to say that this is the best work on the subject. Udsmed.u-strasbg.fr/emed - if the patient were put on his feet, he would immediately fall into spasms, first in the right leg, then in the left. The abdominal and pelvic cavities containing about thirty-two ounces of bloody fluid.


Nor was his philanthropy of that narrow cast which is bounded by the visual horizon. The character of the pain differs from migraine in being continuous for a given period and nonparoxysmal. In particular this man appears not to have been an The point in the case is the abolition udsmed.u-strasbg.fr of the plantar reflex on the left side, in association with a functional paraplegia Re plantar reflex modification in hysteria, Babinski believes that the same law which holds that hysteria is not in line to alter either the tendon reflexes or the pupil reflexes, is true for the skin reflexes. Areata of cltildhood has a special topography, commencing about the occiput, and spreading bilaterally in band form with sinuous boundaries along the borders of the scalp above the ears to the front; with secondary patches of irregular shape disseminated over the scalp; terminable at any stage, but mostly of long duration, and often ending in total alopecia; tending as a rule to spontaneous cure at puberty. Special articles pertaining to subjects suggested by the non-subscribers, a special offer is made of a six month's subscription for one dollar.