Hibbs tell us the advantage that his operation has over Sherman's operation which we have been doing, and he has failed to do that in his response. I attempted to cure the fistula by two successive operations.

Although minutes the pharyngeal insufflation was discontinued and the animal now about quite actively. Pullorum were subjected to the infecting process only once; that is, aside from the possibilities of natural infection between chicks, TABLE III. Sympathetic readers will pardon the curtailment as There are many indications in the recent literature of alimentary bacteriology leading to the con I can play a' role in determining the.i flora of the intestine. Malnutrition, the school medical;: not due entirely to poverty. The committee reported that in view of the fact that time few public health lal.

It is quite possible that individuals bom with a week constitution, and possessing a tendency to low inflammation, and I cheesy degeneration, should be very susceptible to the virus of tuberculosis. On the march, I was allowed the use of an araba, to bring on the panniers, but it always came up so late that its utility was lost, and I was obliged to over pack my own horse with what was wanted. In the one instance, after an interval of about nvc weeks, a yellowish tinge of the skin was noted, and about two weeks later ihe other hahv had become somewhat yellow. In other words, the serum of a rabbit immunized against milk when precipitated by the serum of a goat immunized against rabbit serum removes the precipitin for milk from the lactoserum. Very frequently it was stress operations were done at all hours, the theatre being occupied for many hours continuously, often far into the night. Required one assistant-surgeon and eight orderlies, orderlies sent on board were efficient and competent to attend upon the sick: When this pain and instrumental condition obtains, the coming storm depression will carry on its eastward side clouds and increasing moisture, and sometimes rain or snow, clear over the summit of the advancing high area pressure in front of it, holding an unusually high degree of relative humidity in the air on the high eastern slope of the high barometer area. The deck was extremely crowded:

When it becomes impossible to introduce the intrauterine electrode, a puncture made through the os or through the vagina by a partly isolated platinum or gold needle, or by Apostolus trocar, leading half an inch into the most prominent part of the tumor, has been practiced; but great care should be exercised in not piercing any large blood-vessel, the bladder, Douglas's cul-de-sac, or causing otherwise any injury not intended. Thi with which one finds a small tear the bruising and laceration at the tear.

General nutrition suffers while the obstruction and local process remain: (a) on account of the resulting small quantity of oxygenated blood which is sent out to supply the organic needs; (b) because the blood which becomes arterial is still imperfectly oxygenated, and is deficient in elaborated nutritive properties or materials; and (c) because digestion is largely inhibited while the obstruction remains. In other cases convulsions are simulated, and the detection of the imposture may be quite difficult. It therefore becomes a question for the surgeon to determine, in each individual case, as to whether or not he should expose his patient's tissues to even the slightest infection, in this locality, when these may not be in the best possible condition to resist "" the This brings us naturally to the consideration of the question of the propriety of postponing the operative interference to a period when it may become one of almost positive safety to the patient. Chiari's laboratory, the reader of this report has several times made the experiment.

The general health was failing.

To ask is catarrh curable, seems to me about as vague a question as to ask is Bright's disease curable) Is lung disease curable? Holding, then, that the nasal cavities may be the seat of a great number ot diseases more or less allied, or if you will, of many fctages of one disease, so different in character, however, as to require the widest diversity of treatment, it must be evident that to manage them successfully, the diagnosis must be accuratt-; the more so the nose is the most exposed organ in the whole body, in fact, the only one that is so constantly exposed to every injurious influence that may float along on the ever-present atmosphere. Result of premature separation of a normally abdomii ne death, and of cord hem In the first three of these cases, the fetus was dead I true labor. The agreement about clinical and anatomical results that have been obtained has not remained without contradiction, as von INIonakow explains that he cannot accept, without furtlier comment, Plenchen's locaHzation of the visual sphere in a relatively narrow part of the mesial surface of the occipital lobe, because of general pathological and anatomical, reasons.