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The cells of the cornea, connective-tissue cells, are much branched, flattened antero-posteriorly, and lie in spaces of the same shape between the fibres. Wood, Kings: I second that Speaker Bauer: You have before you the report of the reference committee, which contains one specific recommendation for memorializing the American Medical Association.

Now these units are called upon to function to the fullest extent of their abilities. Doctor Goering presented the locum tenens report, stating that the AMA Council on Medical Education discussed the Kansas resolution, seemed to favor it, and will probably submit a resolution or a report on this subject to the next AMA House of Delegates meeting.

In eases where the larynx i- irritable and when- there is but little hyperplasia, and no erosions or vegetation-.

Since the Journal has no way to provide for reprints, they must be ordered by the author and purchased directly from the printer. In such cases the diagnosis is not easy and one must be guarded To refrain from operating on a patient with acute appendicitis, intussusception, or perforated gastric ulcer in order to make an allergic study requiring several days would be criminal. Us to evaluate his immunoglobulin levels, an investigation that helped establish a diagnosis of acquired other immune parameters were normal.

Weissburg,' in her paper on osteomyelitis in the neonate, accounted recent infection more often than trauma to be the preceding event. And the hypodermic method, by reason of superior convenience and safety, will almost always be chosen. Pulmonary oedema may appear on the well side in cases of excessive or rapidly developed effusion, or on the affected side when aspiration has been too rapid or too abundant. Robinson l recommends the Allen pump. For further information address Michael Reese Hospital, Cardiovascular A NEW ANGLE ON TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA D URING the past seventeen years I have douloureux. It is, however, dif ficult to say whether or not there was also a There is no doubt there was an enlargement of the right side of the heart. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be is the dictum of nature, modified only by advanced knowledge and more humane desires.

Speaker Bauer: Do you make that as a Dr. An enlarged gland could be felt above the left Examination of the chest revealed absolute dulness over the whole of the upper lobe of the left lung in front; in this region also the respiratory murmur and the vocal fremitus were both quite gone; the dulness did not extend across the middle line, so far as could be made out. Blue Lobelia is a very showy plant when in bloom, the deep blue color of the large flowers making it conspicuous. Destructiveness, a special attribute of infancy, is continued iu idiocy and feeble-mindedness beyond the age at which normal children learn the value of property and the rights of others. In certain other cases there is bronchorrhoea. Von Graefe has described a peculiar affection of the cornea which is prone to develop secondary glaucoma, and calls for an iridectomy for its relief. Those of our readers who succeed in giving satisfactory relief in these cases, please tell the rest of us how you do it; for many of us do not so succeed, and we After you have done as above requested, look up your last winter's notes on pneumonia, and see if you have anything worth saying to the profession regarding its treatment. What it will be in fifty years more, no man now knoweth.

Appearance of the sputum on standing: At the top is a frothy layer, beneath which is an opaque layer of mucus, and at the bottom is a thick yellowish green layer composed of small masses.

The processes of repair are different in the different sorts of tissue.