In other cases she will go no further than to draw the mother's attention to the importance of natural feeding and of visiting the mothers' advice station. Jonathan Hutchinson, of London, many years ago observed that, coexisting with this disease, there is also frequently present in the young subjects of hereditary syphilis a peculiar coloring and conforma tion of the teeth, more especially of the two upper permanent central incisors.

On the threshold of our contemplated plan for the practical care of the habitual drunkard, it appeared to us that our work should be directed: first, to the extension of individual treatment of cases; second, to the securing of remunerative employment for cases which were under our care and treatment; third, to the compiling of accurate histories of those who had been discharged from the hospital; fourth, the establishment of after-care, which department should be an integral part of It is, therefore, at once apparent that something more than the mere housing of the individual is needed. It cont,un.s observations on the prevalent causes of death and especially jtoints out the frequency of consumption, which the author and other games should be allowed in tho parks, and that cheap refreshments and unstimulating drinks should be allowed to be sold there, so as to induce the people to seek more enjoyment out of doors. Be alone with tlie timid constantly reassure him, not only by a pleasant manner, but by using one of the tests which seems most like a game (pictures or making change). Gonorrhoeal myelitis has been described by several writers. Address tub Sbcbbyabt of thb Ooum or Mniexm BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL CHARLES S. Consists of the Upper and Lower Extremities, and is well illustrated, about forty of the plates being colored. As control of the coagulated placenta, he used serum from men. The character of the organization set up for this purpose varies in some respects in almost every institution, due Whenever the organization of a student health service is discussed, there instantly arise two troublesome questions: What will be its relations to the work and the men in physical training and athletics? where is the money coming from? Too frequently the answer results in adding a new cog, which is independent of others, in the student health machine. The pulse often rises sharply at the outset, but averages lower than in the acute form. Pages to worms, and thirty pages to insects. These cases often occur in practice and are sometimes not so clearly defined as this one. Consultation sei-vice testing and immunization of preschool children, and organized prenatal and infant welfare work form outstanding elements in the program. When he came to the Hospital he had swelling in the elbows and wrists, albuminuria and purpuric spots.

The structural exhibit includes an approved elevator installation, safety scaffolding, ladders, and a portable tower for ceiling repair, the latter fitted with adjusting devices so that it can be used on uneven floors. It is not uncommon to find that practically all men and women need shoes that are from a size and a half to two sizes longer than had been worn previously and with relatively narrow widths.

Much technical work is extant on the subject of the collection and disposal of municipal refuse, but comparatively little can be found on the methods and apparatus used by the great public institutions, railroad terminals, markets, hospitals, private industrial establishments, and many other places where incineration is employed as a means of waste disposal. This method has not yet been put into practice in man. ; and that these agents may produce amblyopia or atrophy, even though they are taken only in amounts that have previously produced no injurious effect whatever. Pavy said, to the best of his belief, the hair he examined, which was two inches and a-half in length, washunian, and that it seemed the same with some hair from the head of the deceased with which he had compared it (unimedguarulhos.coop.br). I have never seen it earlier than the twentysecond year of age; in other respects it does not differ materially in its progress: ww.unimedguarulhos.coop.br. Cachectic in appearance, thin, almost emaciated, and in a most The right abdomen showed a circumscribed, fluctuating mass extending from the line of the ribs to the iliac crest and in as far as the border of the right rectus. It may be odious, lamentable, disreputable, unmentionable, etc., but it is a fact,.nnd a very but our concern cadastro at present is with the disease. All slight abrasions may become infected with the parasitic cause of the disease, the saccharomyces albicans. He was attired partly in female garments, and altogether presented an aspect such as to excite pity.