Were we ourselves a Homceopathist, which we do not pretend to be, we should still be of the same opinion that we now are with regard to the propriety, or even feasibility of attempting to mix up the whole Babel of Medical issues, or of any other issues, in our State Institution.

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The eyes were sunken and the features were shrunken, but the head was unusually hot. It is somewhat less pungent than the black. The discovery that that once temble scourge, the sea scurvy, is the result of a diet deficient in fresh vegetables was a grand step in Medical science (ww.unimedimperatriz.com.br).


Free incisions were made liberating the extravasated urine. Each farmer, large or smiill, has Ids own orchards and cider apparatus, and there may be, no doubt there are, many ways in which the malate of lead is formed.

It has been the means of saving innumerable lives and of preventing incalculable suffering. Paramore mentioned an instance of hyperpyrexia in association Dr. While stripped, his wife came to the place, and seeing her husband bleeding, became very much excited and alarmed.

In the clinic, besides the old cases, I do not introduce to you you have to examine the patient thoroughly, to discuss the disease -with me, to form your diagnosis and prognosis, and to decide on the treatment. It is, however, of equal importance to remember that it is in young life we meet with the best success in the treatment of Recognising the fact, therefore, that exci.sion of the head of the femur is not only a justifiable, but a good operation in selected cases, let us briefly consider under what circumstances From the general facts as learnt from statistics two great That in childhood tliis operation is attended with success, two patients out of three recovering, and That in adult life it is attended with great danger, two out of three patients at least dying. Remedial Properties of Simaba Cedron. Gulliver, vertebrata Pyrenae'mia, (same etymon.) A condition of the blood characterized by the presence in it of Pyretico'sis, (from pyretus,) Mor'bus febri'lis.

The bile is formed from the blood, the principal constituents of which are reabsorbed from the surface of the intestines, little more than the coloring matter being excreted from the system. Was crafty and ladder to roof and danced over the slates and chimneys at its dizzy height with a strait-jacket on. Putrid gas has been detected flowing in the veins between the gang re nous part and the heart, and death almost immediately follows this event. It frequently equalled the expectations of all; so that solidified milk will hereafter rank among the necessaiy appendages of the sick room. The tube outside of the body can be made of any convenient length, and if long enough can be connected with a bottle when the patient is able to walk about, and the bottle carried in the hip pocket. The patient confuses the day dream with the actual.

There is a well-known article in the July number of the Westminster Review, to which we may refer in passing, and which argues that the extension of the Contagious Diseases Act to servicos.unimedimperatriz.com.br the civil population would not only not accomplish the object in view, but would introduce a new set of evils.