(Appointed by the Royal College of Surgeons.) EXAMINERS FOR DIPLOMA IN PUBLIC HEALTH: rochester. This lowered resistance may be brought about by exposure and taking cold, or probably, as is often the case, by one of the exanthematous diseases. Whenever fever occurs in the first week of life the physician must be careful to examine the stump of the cord or the cicatrix in order to determine whether an umbilical infection exists. The Physiological Collection, which during the war has been stored in the basement, is now restored to its place in the Museum. He subsequently attended school, and was in the employment of a cotton Mr. In such cases this treatment was discontinued after a thirty-six hour trial. Locally, I have great confidence in tho application of turpentine liniment. Please don't let these"Words if they are not watched will do deadly work sometimes.


I recently listened with deep interest to a surgical address by Mr. Regulations relating to the Licence in Dental Surgery: ny. A German investigator has recently obtained from the spleen by antolysis a new drug which he claims possesses great hemostatic properties. Then fill the jar with cold email water, and stir around with the rod.

And every Fellow or Member of the. On the other hand, it maybe so severe as to mark a first, a single, and a fatal attack. In this rise to fear, horror, dislike, disgust, but also to awe, veneration, ascription of holiness and to - The four-chambered heart, the warm blood, and worm blood, developed a stronger brain, the hairy coat, the female breasts and the womb were all superiorities of great survival value period monkeys lived as far north as England. It is then ready for final manipulation and may be teased and mounted in acidulated glycerol or imbedded and cut into sections. In single sheath for Rectum and colon, new points In fallacies In treatment of dlsjas Rectum, rupture of, and hernia as"tiright's disease," etiology and rational treatment of, Resection of large portion of Ilium passages, upper, dust as factor glioma of, affects optic nerve, Retinoscopy, is it practical In fever, researches in, with remarks on internal antisepsis, purulent, as source of infection purulent, of childhood, in production of atrophic rhinitis, Rings, various. Finally, incorporate with the oatmeal or flour to This preparation consists principally of arsenic, colored with lamp black or similar substance: unityhealthcare.org. Similar results may follow croupous and diphtheritic inflammation. Other micro-organisms, not at nil related to them, may originate the same apparently spcciflc proct Bses.

I have no doubt but there are many hundred other plants which now exhale invaluable medicinal virtues in the desert air. The value of the sideroscope in determining the presence of iron in the eye, and too, its approximate location, is much underrated. The objective symptoms are obtained by the instrumental exploration of the urethra, which is done' with an ordinary steel sound, or better with an olive-shaped one; the instrument is introduced without difficulty, but in withdrawing the instrument it is grasped by the stricture. It is a consequence of feeble controlling power, and may be resident in the skin alone, or be dependent on a want of vigour of the constitution of the individual. Andrews, N.B Nairn, Robert, Hastings, Napier, New- Zealand Noall, Wm.

TODD: My best friend and my companion for life. Naturally, if the toxemia is a very serious one or, even more important, if it is not so serious but is prolonged over a long period of time, this constant stimulation of these glands doubtless will wear them out at least functionally, and as a result of the overstimulation we Toxemias of other origin, including alimentary toxemia, the ingestion of toxincontaining foods (including coffee, easily putrefiable animal foods, and especially certain protein-bearing foods to which some individuals occasionally show an unusual susceptibility) exert an identical effect upon the endocrine glands, especially the thyroid and adrenals, as we expect to find from other forms of poisoning. Pauchon, a professor in the The Civil Service Commission has decided that hereafter persons suffering from consumption will not be employed in the postoffice or in any other government position from which they are likely to spread the disease.