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The antrum of the other side may be higher, and the illumination might lead us to diagnosticate an abscess in the antrum which stood higher. As soon as any indication of enlargement of the abdomen, or filling up of the vagina is manifest, a surgeon should be consulted, and the tumor should be removed at the earliest possible moment. Murmurs, accidental or acquired sounds beard on auscultation of i be heart (linden). I suppose this is because most physicians are focusing on the welfare of individual patients, and illness as it could affect the community.

Incurable or hopeless supermama Acromastium, ak-ro-mas'te-um (aero, mastos, breast). Ammo'nise or ammo'nii carbona'tis, liquor ammonii amygdala'rum concentra'ta, water of bitter almonds, made by bruising bitter almonds and adding springwater coupon and alcohol, and then distilling; used instead, of aqua laurocerasi and hydrocyanic acid; given with caution. In the type of hysteria met with in the well-bred and intelligent, the prognosis is fairly good in the young; with advancing years it becomes less hopeful. Enlargement of the glands is marked; they are discrete and rather hard. The patient should be induced to lead a life free of all excitement and excesses.

This treatment with the glycolytic ferment will probably not affect the other disturbances in metabolism entailed by the loss of pancreas functioning. We forward our remedies direct to the purchaser by MAIL, and therefore our patrons will receive the benefit of druggists' profits and get the most reliable remedies at the lowest rates. The pain of making the puncture was trifling if the needle was introduced with a steady thrust.

The problem before the physician is as to the cause of the condition and the possibility of its removal. ' Read before the Southwestern Iowa Medical.Association, It was learned that the passing of dark bloody urine had kept up.