Now, as a matter of fact, in some of these cases of interposition the ligaments have not been short enough to retain the uterus, and the whole mass, uterr.s, bladder, and rectum, has been extruded thrjugh the vulva, and the question arises, what is the best method of shortening these ligaments? Bv shortening them first and then turning the r.terus down? Is it not far better and simpler to the uterus out and reconstruct a new support' At a recent operation for inte'-position of the uterus, of which I was a witness after the uterus had been turned down, the constant tendency was for the fundus to slip out throt gh the vulva, and the operator had the greatest difficulty to keep it in while he stitched together the vaginal wall in front ( Events, however, do not always take this course, and several cases have been collected in which the dysphagia was sudden and acute from the outset, just as in simple spasm. The speaker recalled a case of great fragility of bone, which he saw some years ago, in the person of a boy ten years of age.

An occasion of a professional nature, induced him to call upon me aborit a year before his death, to consult me on his own case. The uterus is transfixed three times in this manner, the needle passing a short distance under the serous coat, further in the uppermost than in the lower points of transfixion. Literacy was in those days the possession of a chosen few. These statistics en bloc concerning the failure of" hot" operations are therefore worthless, and we must be the more on our guard because by their apparent simplicity they falsify our judgment and they On the other hand, if we analyze carefully cases of appendicitis operated upon at various periods of the so-called" hot" stage, we shall see that the ideal plan is to operate as soon as possible after the onset not later than forty hours because in almost every case the danger is at that time limited to the appendicular focus. Although diphthero-staphyloeoceal angina is not so grave as diphthero-streptococcal angina, it still claims a place in the group of malignant anginas. May we hope, for the honour of the country and the Hero, that Beatty's account may be found floating upon the waters, by some post-diluvian survivor!, Sur la Circulation Capillaire, MS.

It is now hoped and expected that the local authorities will take thorough measures and stamp out the disease. At the autopsy cecitis with perforation was case of perforative cecitis and sutured two perforations in the cecum.

The lower portion, contracted and in a state No mineral Avaters in the United States enjoy an equal celebrity with those of Ballston and Saratoga, and as none are more generally resorted to by invalids, perhaps none are more indiscriminately used. In describing the technique of the enucleation, I will not go too much into detail, as it is an operation which should be done only by the specialist. Upon removing the dressings, which had been previously moistened by spirits, the wound to our surprise, was united throughout its whole extent, excepting at the lower angle, and another aperture through which the ligatures were passed, and discharged for keepings my patient upwards of forty minutes on the operating table, I feel myself constrained to ask the same question Mr. While in parasyphilitic dementia, and some other conditions, the process can be sufficiently worked out' for practical purposes at the elementary level of toxines and tissue reaction, in many disorders such categories are ciuite inadequate and we have to take into consideration the higher categories involved in the term conduct. Six months after the first joint trouble a generalized rash appeared, which was most abundant on the anterior surfaces of the legs, the forehead, hands, and fingers.

We are too liable to think that hepatic colic is apyretic, and that peritonitis due to perforation is febrile. To the great joy of its mother, it returned to it with eagerness; it remained composed, and free from complaints a considerable time, perhaps for the space of half an hour. From this description I conclude that the localization of the streps tococcus is very different in erysipelas of the newly bom from that found in adults.

Smokes and chews tobacco in was struck on the right side of the chest close to the sternum and just below the clavicle by the handle of a falling pick-axe. The appendicular phase is sometimes very acute and painful, but at other times it may be fairly slight, and so escape the notice of an inexperienced observer.

The symptoms of syphilis disappeared promptly within three or four weeks, although relapses were of hydrargyrum thymolo-aceticum upon fifteen patients with secondary syphilitic affections, and selected the gluteal region, where I have injected the drug deeply beneath the muscular fascia?. In this interesting fact of the dissection, we cannot fail to recognise, had the poor patient's life been preserved, the materials in actual preparation for a similar affection of the right limb." while it is acknowledged, that in this communication the author has made large and valuable contributions to the stock of knowledge, collected upon this interesting subject; the question now arises, how far do the facts he has disclosed warrant the inferences he has deduced from them? How far is the conclusion a legitimate one, that because the femoral and iliac veins partake of the derangement affecting almost every part of the limb, that they are necessarily the primary seat and source of the diseabc; and that the proximate cause, exclusively consists in an inflammation With due respect to Dr. They should have paid social workers.

The epithelial change is now denied. Keep the rice covered while steaming, and keep the lower boiler well supplied with boiling water.

Higlily It is surprising when we consider the uncertainty of human knowledge in this complaint, how some men can condescend to make such sober strictures, on knows of man, who cannot make allowance for his frailties. (Donovan's Solution.) Used in skin diseases Arseni Trioxidum (White Arsenic.

E., the Change of a Round Ulcer of the Stomach into Cancer. The diagnosis was nee THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. It was, therefore, recommenced no operative proceeding should be adopted until the full period of utero-gestation; and that the Caesarean section would then be the most proper measure. For such use it should be obtained from the Quartermaster Corps, from the ice plant, if one is available, as provided in existing orders (see Appendix: Ice), or as an issue under Army Regulations, when authorized; or by purchase from ice baths of the sick, for medical photographic work, etc., should be procured from the Quartermaster Corps ice machine, if one is available, or be obtained by purchase at the cost of the medical and hospital appropriation.