The substance of which the diai)hragm is constnicted is a matter of importance (utswmedicine.org/maps). Louis, Missouri, will conform to its usual custom and issue its yearly series of special gastro-intestinal numbers embracing July and August.

The history for the next twelve days was constant vomiting, a watery discharge slightly bloody from the vagina, becoming somewhat offensive in a few days, and then ceasing altogether. The outer clavicle of each thorax was normal in position and form, as were the corresponding scalpulce and arms, the inner clavicles were thrown upwards and backwards to meet their scalpulae. Of course this is a humiliating confession for the surgeon to make. In some respects, the old-fashioned system of medical apprenticesliips, in which the student spent from one to three years in the office of a physician in general practice before he went to a medical school to hear lectures, was a good one for producing these general To learn to do such work easily and properly, one must live among the sick, learn how they look, how they talk, how they are to be talked to and handled; and must do this at close quarters, and not by looking on from the top bench of an amphitheatre, or from the outer ring of a group of thirty or forty men standing around a bed.

You readily procure it at any of the sewing machine stores. Utswmedicine.org - he gave the limb a number of wi-enehes and pronounced the trouble a ft-acture. The bullet was split in its long axis and its two portions extended upon each other at a verv obtuse angle, forming a mass one and one-eighth inches long Iving in the long axis of the petrous portion, which it seemed to fill.

Www.utswmedicine.org/hospitals-clinics/stpaul - indeed, we can conceive of few cases of genuine apoplexy, in which the remedy employed, in one or other of these ways, can with propriety be dispensed with.

Trocart of gold point walked home in three liours after treatment. Nevertheless, even in these affections, a portion of the poison leaves the body in a gaseous form, possessing the same virulent properties as the liquid contained in the vesicles and pustules. The value of sweating is often underestimated, and much relief may often be obtained, especially in some diseases, such as phthisis, nephritis, different skin diseases, etc. There was pain in those parts of the foot where we usually find it in flat-foot. The practical lessons to be derived are the methods of treatment which may be used in cases of atelectasis and the aid which may be offered in determining whether a local dulness is due to consolidation or to the collapse of the alveoli.

By difficulty in swallowing, so that the water, and in some cases the food, is returned through the nose.

COST OF USING GEESE TO CONTROL WEEDS IN COTTON. Whenever possible I have lifted my voice and wielded my pen to further this cause. So great was the reputation gained by this operation, that according to Dionis, all tlie courtiers of France who were so fortunate as to have any complaint of the anus, pressed upon Felix, to imitate the example of the monarch, and were sorely disappointed if the nature of their case did utswmedicine.org/hospitals-clinics/clements not call for surgical assistance. In this and in nil the responsible positions ins over-active life inevitably placed him, lie seemed urged on by innate inspiration as he allured to broader" His worth in the profession, his force in affairs, liis unswerving integrity in all things were amply attested by the many and varied offices to which lie eminently useful life and his many beneficent efforts in the profession and in the community in which he dwelt.

INHERITANCE, HER I T ABI L I TY, AND RESPONSE TO SELECTION FOR COMMON BLIGHT ( XANTHOMONAS-PHASEOL I ) TOLERANCE IN PHASEOLUS-VULGARI S THE EFFECT OF IRRIGATION ON RESPONSE OF APRICOT FRUITS TO TIPBURN, AN OZONE INCITED RESPONSE IN ONION, ALL IUM-CE P A-L. The little sufferer is unable to give any subjective information regarding itself, consequently the physician is thrown entirely on his own resources. Gould as being caused by eye-strain and been relieved of those conditions by glasses fitted by him. The New York Medical Practice Bill approved last June has been amended as follows:"This Act shall not apply to any student who duly matriculated in some legally incorporated medical that such student within three months after the enactment of this amendment shall file with the Secretary of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, a certificate setting forth the fact of such matriculation, verified by the applicant, and signed by the secretary of the faculty of the college Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Society was held in Ky; Secretary, Dr.

This condition of mental stupor or vacuity perHlHted, ami the luii took to his bid, where he was said to have remained the greater jiorlion of each day for over three months.



Sheard will give the teachers the instructions necessary to The system is to be tried as an experiment for a year, when the result will be reported to the Board of Education.