The textbooks fail to give a good description of the clinical features of dissecting aneurism. Not the fat Shropshire or South down whose"saddle" delights the gourmet's palate, but the lean and ill-fed sheep is said to yield the toughest gut. Lial the fluid remains very slightly alkaline, it forms a colourless liquid, which, if coloured y the addition of a small quantity of chlorine, does not become blue on the subsequent he pharmacopoeial test is directed; were it present on the addition f the chlorine it would be set free, and would strike a blue colour fitb the starch (Iodide of Starch). Joseph Haven: to relieve, if possible, the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

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They will find it a splendid book from now on to examination time to acquire compact and widespread knowledge of the whole subject of obstetrics. The total outflow and the total work done by the ventricle during any given period of time, decrease with a diminished pulse-rate, and increase with an increased pulse-rate. Toxemia which do not amount to true Graves's disease, but yet can be traced to morbid overactivity of the thyroid gland. With a Xote on Their Bacteriology. Vain pomp and glory of this world, I hate ye: I feel my heart new opened. It is then drained on calico, pressed and dried. Before doing further, a second ligature was placed around the vessels and, if possible, the artery and the vein were also tied separately. The mechanical effect of enlarged hypophysis may result in the production of heteronymous hemianopsia and the hemianopic pupillary syndrome. Just before luncheon the windows At first, luncheons were introduced only should be thrown wide open and the and graham crackers at eleven o'clock, directed physical exercise, then let them And perhaps the underlying idea of this file to. The pain frequently radiates to the right shoulder. As I recall the matter he was the last survivor of a tuberculous family, and decided that in self-defence he would study medicine and find, if possible, some new tacts in regard to consumption, and in this effort he took the shortest and most direct method to ascertain the effect of the malady on the human body. The data were gathered partly at local and camp boards on the occasion of the selective draft, and partly on special order from the War Department to For over a century armies have prescribed limits of size for recruits on various and other diseases. Further study showed that the fall in pressure was due to capillary dilation, accompanied by an increase in the permeability of the capillary walls, the latter leading to a loss of fluid from the vessels and a consequent increase in blood concentration identical with that seen in traumatic shock. - and just here theory begins tion of the seed, the enlivening of the to play a prominent part and Cheques- ovum, the problems of heredity of tion arises can we afford to theorize on transmission of race and character from subjects of vital importance? Theory, generation to generation, all these great or speculation is always advisable in questions are being recognized as funthe absence of accurate knowledge, or damental for whose answer biology has to explain facts whose cause we do not at length called in the aid of chemistrv As the science of medicine and chem- leading medical schools are increasing istry deals especially with that unknown two and three-fold the preparation in quantity, life, we are necessarily still these fundamental sciences, and especgroping in the dark, anxiously looking ially in chemistry, demanded of students for the dawn of that purer and better for admission to their classes. At the present writing, the patient is nearly relieved of his iritis, which will leave some posterior synechise, on account of his inability to bear atropia.

Several bronchi, which were so large as to admit one finger, entered this cavity. Antiseptic vaginal injections were used after each act of micturition.

It is obvious that any lesion that may involve the nerve, the roots of the nerve, or the sacral plexus will give symptoms of sciatica.