The most rcndilv available of these are the MgSOi plasma from the horse's blmnl. Di-ag-nose', The act of distinguishing diseases. A double monster is a single individual, and, as such, arises from a single blastodermic membrane overlying a single For the making of post-mortem examinations very full and precise rules are given ( Upon assuming the upright position there is a sudden subcostal pain rapidly transferring itself to the shoulder and neck which is controlled by a mild sedative. The vessel of Admiral de Rigny alone, although it had fresh meat twice oftener than the others, was decimated by this affection. When examined, a few minutes later, the surfaces of the corneas were grayish; lacked luster, like the eyes of the dead. Thus the student reaches his years of clinical work scientifically trained to visualize the sick patient as a biological living organism, a whole individual who is sick rather than a collection of parts one of which may be sick and the others excluded from consideration of the case.


Has had chronic catarrh for many years, and with it a cough every winter. Came again for treatment,"driven by thirty or forty sneezes that almost killed me yesterday." He sneezes very strongly, and being a man much. Physical examination, including blood pressure and B. Carbolated lime was strewn about the decks, and chlorine gas was liberated by the common salt mixture throughout the ship, the hatches being closed.

Leave, resumed charge of his duties as Professor of Anatomy in Lahore Medical College, on October i-Mi. If the history shows any evidence of asthma or stubborn eczema it is safer to test for sensitivity before giving the first injection. Complaints - one cause of the diffusion of the odor Is the custom of employing Iodoform In powder; too much, more than necessary Is thus applied, and the powder is apt to be deposited on the clothes during or after application. Schofield, in a series of familiar chats on the hygiene of daily life, tells all the world plainly and Erplorers in Africa is the first connected account of Italian exploration which has appeared in this country, and it is reprinted to meet a suggestion made in the.lournal of the Academy. As he intimated, and as we as physicians probably all know, we owe the principal advances in preventive medicine to laboratory research workers.

The site of the chief injury to the head, and the fact that a linear irregularity could now be felt at the posterior superior angle of the left parietal bone made it probable that there was originally a fracture running from this place downwards to the base in the occipital bone; and it is surmised that the convolutions in that region were severely bruised, and might have accounted for the blindness. As I could not sleep, I arose at six o'clock, took no breakfast but a cup of coffee, and the only way in which I could get any relief was to keep my finger immersed in a tumbler of cold water while I was at table. The end result often is death. DISEASES OF THE BRAIN AND NERVES. Nesbit was kind enough to show us, we venture to refer to two somewhat similar phenomena which occur in parts of the body more deeply situated. These motions will cause a kind of artificial breathing; for while the patient rests upon the breast, the weight of the body compresses this cavity, and expels the air, which is the same as the outgoing breath, or expiration; when he is turned on the side, the pressure is removed, and the air rushes in as in natural inspiration, or the ingoing of the breath. I also believe that some change from the universal issue of the quality now in use would be of benefit. The greatest body of information concerning human radiation carcinogenesis is found at this level. The operator should have time for slow and cautious dissection, that he may avoid wounding vessels and other important parts: reviews.