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Abdominal pain persisted all niglit. IMusieurs parlent alle is a Autun, oil il est toinbe malade: li eroyoil tailler M.

The treatment consisted of bismuth, arsenic and iodoform. By his former pupils he was universally esteemed; and the premature loss to them of his valuable counsel and friendship will long cause his memory to be" neither unwept, nor unhonoured." To the Editor of the Medical Gazette. The Hospital Bulletin contains details of hospital and dispensary practice, abstracts of papers read and other proceedings of the legit Jledical Society of the Hospital, reports of lectures, and' otlier matters of general interest in connection with the work occlusion of the end of the bronchus. It will be regarded as one of the great medical works of the age and we bespeak for it a successful career. The abscess, which contains pus and gas, occupies the epigastrium and the hypochondria, especially the left. The urine, ricli in bile pigment, takes on a saffron colour, and on the addition of nitric acid the characteristic greenish tint appears. Under chloroform any necessary interference can be undertaken If necessary, the uterus can be emptied in two hours. Klinische Wochenschrift, PATHOLOGICAL CHANGES IN THE GASTEROPOD LIVER PRODUCED Department of Pathology, Peliing Union Medical College, Peking, China Because of the significant contributions that have been made to normal metabolism by a study of pathological conditions, the writer has been prompted to review make a study of the liver of certain gasteropod species commonly infected with larval flukes, with the view of discovering the normal metabolic processes of the host, the changes occasioned by the parasitism, and the application of these data to comparative pathology. The primary thrust of this position should be the identification of objectives, priorities and programs; establishment necessary resources which will result in programs of high quality and teaching programs of excellence. The growth is easy to feel when it occupies the anterior surface, the greater curvature, and the pylorus, but difficult when it is situated at the cardia, or on the posterior surface and lesser curvature. As consistent parts of the skin and epithelium of the mucous membrane in the mouth, pentangular scales, which are constantly cast ofl' from the surface and reproduced underneath: however, Henle was the first to give a proper description of the superficial coverings of tue skin and mucous membranes, to which tlie term of epithelium is applied in common. Should this, or any other plan of medical reform, be carried out, so as to render our at present distracted and divided profession more uniform and harmonious, I have often thought that a grand scheme might be adopted of forming a quiet and united club for the benefit of the widows and orphans of medical men. A spouse who is the principed beneficiary of a feunily trust should not serve as the sole trustee. With this end in view the farmer was urged to increase his acreage, to make every effort to increase the yield, appeals being made to him along the lines of patriotism and duty: safe. The infant I but drink The recommend iti te writers that bar lex- water or gum water be given to the little ones in th sufficient ex planation of their want of success in I innocuous to infants, and it is difficult to conceive'now the seeming prejudice against the avidity with which a fretful sick infant drinks water, and marks the early abatement of febrile and other symptoms, be convinced that water, as a beverage, a quencner of thirst, as a physiological necessity, in Diet, should not be denied to the helpless members of society. All that remained was a piece jf the canal which children who lived in the area used as a swimming hole swimming hole was put to work for industry. On the following day burial took place in the neighboring cemetery in the presence of a number of persons. The failure to perform a comprehensive assessment hinders treatment by providing inadequate information from which to evolve a therapeutic strategy. Scott concludes this communication with the following explanation of the manner in which the accident occurred. In two cases the only apparent cause was stricture. The following of salicylic acid is unsafe, its innocuity not having as yet been demonstrated. The real cause of the gravity of the prognosis and of death is not absolutely jaundice, when acute peritonitis apparently sxipervened. Thus, all along the entire eastern sea-board the atmosphere during the winter months is cold and moist, whilst in the summer it is excessively hot. These findings are not specific or common presentations of the spinal surgery but postoperative followup CT scan in our case showed no contrastenhancing lesion in the cervical spine the spinal sarcoidosis have been reported to our knowledge. Dozens of phone calls to these al Medical, Psychiatric, and Social Investigations Phone calls to alleged friends and Phone calls to public libraries. He afterwards went to Europe, to perfect himself in his studies, and upon his return established the Medical Department of Dartmoth College. These are often associated with a depression of the septum above them, which bulges into the fossa of the of the cartilage of varying size and appearance, often extremely vascular, and giving rise to deformity, which may be looked upon rather as cartilaginous outgrowths which follow as the natural results of the deflection, and its importance as an etiological factor in the production ol throat and middle ear disease, and, in connection with this part of his subject, called attention to the development of laryngeal and aural disease through the reflex agency of the vaso-motor and trophic nerves as the result of pathological conditions of the turbinated tissues of the nose.

But the same objection would apply to those met with in the O'Keys, and in Mons. In the memoir, based upon our observations, we considered ourselves justified in admitting that the lesions of the motor cells, mentioned already in the cases of MM.

Although dyspepsia and dilatation of the stomach are always associated, the dilatation is the cause more often than the result of the its normal form (stomach en hissac); its capacity is such that it may contain place at the expense of the greater curvature, which is depressed.