Holding a place between a quiz-compend and the larger and more extensive works on this subject, it fills a very active need of The experiments to be performed are stated in very simple language, are not complex, and so complete that even a beginner without other knowledge than that of the use of chemical apparatus ought to be able to conduct them successfully.

'' In lieu of the above will be accepted a degree in arts of any university in Her Majesty's dominions, or from any college or university that may hereafter be recognized; but no matriculation in arts in any university will be accepted. At this time the advisability of operating under paravertebral anesthesia was considered and finally decided An extensive perineal repair, followed by a ventral suspension of the uterus and appendectomy were done. The fact of the frequency with which empyema follows pneumonia is well established by the following statistics: In the Koenigsberg clinic, pneumonia existed as the primary disease This, sometimes called the pneumonic, form occurs much more frequently under thirty years of age, as shown by the following figures: Under The pleurisy may occur during the attack of pneumonia, or it may commence towards the termination of that disease, the fluid increasing rapidly in quantity after the crisis.

Right macular retina and choroid; proliferating choroidoretinitis (concussion lesion). The orbital cavity, although reduced in volume by the lacerations of the conjunctival mucous membrane, allows the wearing of an artificial eye. Standish McCleaby DISPENSARY STAFF OF MERCY HOSPITAL DISPENSARY STAFF OF MERCY HOSPITAL DISPENSARY STAFF OF MERCY HOSPITAL The clinical advantages of the University have been largely increased by the liberal decision of the Board of Supervisors of City Charities to allow the immense material of these hospitals to be used for the purpose of medical education.

The lad was taken to a cell, and the mother gave him a support sound thrashing.

Not thus, however, are we wont to form our opinions, nor thus slightly can we admit an inference which involves considerations of much importance. In the presence of general restlessness, one should not hesitate to administer a subcutaneous injection of morphin. The former was evidently the correct conclusion, as the patient went through an ordinary attack of pneumonia, and all the signs, such as bronchophony, pectoriloquy, disappeared in a few I would here remark that, according to my observations in left-sided pneumonic empyemata, the heart is not displaced so early as in ordinary left-sided pleurisy. On the fifth day the temperature recovery, although protracted, was not again interrupted. Slater's experiments as to its breaking strain), pliable, and smooth; it is easily tied, and remains sufficiently long unabsorbed. In connection with the local treatment, fresh air, careful attention to nourishment of the patient and the use of certain remedies, particularly tonics, creasote and guaiacol is recommended. The night duty periods are approximately two months each, with one day at the termination of each term for rest and recreation.

Mr John Pratt, however, does not restrict his talents to the composition of elegant reports. They further add that these findings are not constant and as many as three ves.sels were noted to enter the hilum on one or Ihe other siile. - provides gentle overnight relief of constipation. In the present cases, the pylorus was fortunately approximately normal, and restoration to the usual arrangement made it at last possible to start again de novo, should the duodenal ulceration recur.

So far, all agree that the primary seat of trouble is in the region of the ileo-ca?cal valve; but Case, Kellogg's roentgenologist, who is also a surgeon, stated in a paper which he read in Chicago recently that many of the abnormalities shown by x-ray to exist in the right abdomen were really due to obstructive conditions in the sigmoid.

The average duration of these cases was greater than that of those with the interstitial Bronchial, cervical, mesenteric, axillary and Inguinal lymph-nodes were examined (gozone). Which the writer deems unnecessary. The last date of registration is October Matriculation, laboratory and tuition fees for the first semester shall be paid at the time of registration, and for the second semester Failure to meet these conditions will automatically debar the student from attendance on classes and other privileges of the Students who fail to pay the tuition and other fees on or before the last day of registration for each term or semester, as stated in the catalogue, will be required to pay as an addition to the fees Students who are minors are considered to be resident students, if at the time of their registration their parents or guardians have been residents of this state for at least one year.

In the case of two individuals who became infected in the hospital, under my personal observation, there was very slight fever, with practically normal daily variations. Culture of the pus showed Later I wish to consider the differential diagnosis between appendicitis and ureteral stone. At the same time, however, he did contend that some cases were toxic in Kvils arising n-om Failure lo Recognize the True Nature will appiar in a future issue of Americax Medicine.) being alile to work without feeling fatigued on a farm: