If his balls operate, well and good; and if they do not operate, well and good; the death of one of his patients is a matter of But the steward, who has to deal with the sufferings and ailments of his fellow-creatures, how sick and wounded, when left to exercise his own skill and judgment for their recovery, he must display knowledge and talent of a far higher order than either the blacksmith, carpenter, or Even supposing the hospital steward is never the rank of the highest non-commissioned officer? I understand that a bill for our relief will be presented to Congress during the coming session, and hope that you will speak for us through your valuable publication, and encourage the Government to give us, if not the rank of a brevet second lieutenant of artillery, at least, that of a cadet, and the pay of a blacksmith. Three times daily; the dose was subsequently increased to niviij., and was continued for sLs weeks. It had not reached the committee foar weeks before the meeting, bat they had decided not to enforce this clause under the circumstances.

A little turpentine or naphtha may be added, if too thick to work well, but in no instance should oil be used to thin the paint This finish, if properly applied, is very beautiful, and although purely white, may be kept clean more easily than other kinds of painting by simply using a dusting brush; or if soOed, a sponge wet in cold soft water without soap, is the this finish is to be applied, either in the priming, or any subsequent coats, or a brush used that has been in lead without being thoroughly cleansed, as a yellow hue will soon present iron shavings firom the lathe as the acid will dissolve; heat the iron as hot as can be handled with the hand; then add it to the acid in small quantities as long as the acid will dissolve it, then slowly add double the quantity of soft water that there was of acid, and put in iron again as long as the acid hot water to make a strong solution, and make sufficient of it with the first to give the depth of tint desired, and the blue made by taking sulphate of iron (copperas) and Prussiate of Potash, equal parts of each, and dissolving each separately ih water, then mixing the two waters. Our most poisonous s of toadstools have a wrapper, as it were, around the base o the stalk, called a volva; if in addition they have white gills and spores and a bulbous base, with scales, they should not be The Parasol Fungus, Lepiota procera, is large and tall, and grows in grass; it is not poisonous, but is tough and not desirable. These will be especially necessary in military surgery and where asepsis cannot be rigidly practised.

As to could cite two hundred and thirty-four cases by the abdominal method with no fistulae. I have to-day to speak of chronic With reference to the general symptoms of the chronic fomts of tuberculization I need now only remark that no line of demarcation can be drawn between them and those of the insidious acute form I described in my previous Jjecture; but the symptoms are less severe, sometimes even so triiling as to escape notice, and they are dift'used over a longer time (login). Rupture of the bone abscess into the vertebral canal with subsequent meningitis, or externally with formation of a paravertebral abscess, is common. POISONOUS OR OTHER ILL EFFECTS In Bark of Apple, Cherry, etc., Eicci, Converts Amygd aline into Prusstc Ac, Lima, History, L'ses, etc., of Goa Powder, Taylor, Bad Effects of using for Tattooing Corpuscles more than Iron or Bark, OF Features, Etc. It has extended its usefulness to horticulture and to agriculture. He was now able to look back upon a considerable number of children who had been bom semi-asphyxiated, in consequence of difficulty involving resort to the forceps, or turning. In large packinghouses killing as many as five thousand hogs in one day, only two inspectors were employed, whereas fifty could hardly do the work if properly done. The younger child was only two years of age when brought to me, and the posterior curvature in the upper dorsal region as exhibited in the cast was then confirmed, and evidently of a permanent character. The symptoms are repeated attacks of pain, but these attacks causing obstruction do not last long enough to cause much jaundice. Soft cotton or linen eloths should be dipped into this solution, then cover the part or parts burned smoothly with them, avoid wrinkling as much as possible, and where practicable, apply a roller lightly; if not, have the dressings watched by a nurse, if they should get displaced, let the attendant adjust them immediately; when they get partially dry, they should be moistened, this is done without removing them; dip a sponge or cloth into part of the solution, (this will keep the bulk of the solution clean,) and wet the whole over by dribbling it, this is to be repeated as often as necessary to become dry, and adhere to the injured part.

A quantity but little greater than the dose first prescribed THE EFFECTS OF THREAD AND ROUND WORMS M. The sudden change in the disposition when relief is procured, is one of the most noticeable features able to walk, frequently coming to lean on the mother's knee or against a chair, and disliking to labored, and accompanied with a slight vocal oiniasion during expiration; often severe and protracted hiccough. This is kept up daily for several weeks. But, in fact, it no more"arrests" or"checks" the heat than emptying the bladder" arrests" the secretion of urine. A relative of the patient was bent on chloroform, and the Medical attendant spoke of using the long forceps.

She immediately present in lower extremities. But, leaving such difficult inquiries, let us rather take the data which the more exact observations of biological science have given us. See the upgoing fibres come in from the spinal ganglia; see these divide into three different groups; see one go to form the posterior columns; see another fibre arborize with a cell of the posterior horn and a fibre emanate from this cell go upward as the spino-cerebellar tract; see another arborize with a cell of the posterior honi; see the fibre from this cross over to the opposite side and all go upward as the spino-thalamic tract. There was blood efiused beneath the costal pleura, and some escaped into the chest.