The irides are blue, and very convex. The occurrence of a convulsion in childhood, when the nervous system is especially subject to deteriorating influences, gives a special tendency to the occurrence of similar convulsions later on in life if some cause proves sufficient to reawaken the once aroused convulsive center. Nutrition is not a simple oxidation "" process. Again, a patient recovering from scarlet fever ventures out into a cold atmosphere, while the process of desquamation is yet going on; and he is attacked with dropsy of the cellular tissue, and, it may be, of some of the larger cavities also. As as my oljservation goes, I cannot agree with the learned Professor on this poijit, my experience all tending to corroborate the views expounded in the text confuse their wexrers much more than they assisted Professor Donders has proposed a convenient nomenclature potrrrs of their respective reducing glasses. I shall content myself, however, with drawing my evidence principally or entirely, at present, from The human mother and the human fcetus may be looked upon as in themselves two of the most highly organised beings in existence. With the increasing urbanization of our society, and in view of the greater volume of pollution being poured into the atmosphere, it is imperative that positive action be taken to assure the purity of the air we breathe. In the excision of this ulcer I did an intragastric incision and tied the mattress sutures too tightly in the "review" mucosa of the stomach where the ulcer was excised. He believed, however, that these fungi were the of cattle were due to actinomyces; Bollinger, at the same time, recognized the characteristic fungus in"lump jaw" in cattle, and referred it to the botanist f-larz. Vaccination on the sixth week appears premature, and therefore calculated to defeat the object it is intended to fulfil. Some of these conditions are definite diverticula, often flaplike, flaps that fill up from above and obstruct in that way, and yet can be emptied by pressure from below. The method of treatment recommended by neurologists, general massage, does produce a slight amount of improvement!)Ut not to an extent to enal)le the animal to use the arm and hand properly for such ordinary operations as feeding and climbing, although these activities may be carried out after such treatment in an awkward manner. Hospitalization is desirable and indicated in proportion to the degree of malaise and the intensity of the general, the treatment is directed toward correction of physical exhaustion, replenishment of food, vitamins and minerals, and toward sedation for tension and for insomnia when present. The labour he loved' physicked pain.' No anodyne I could have prescribed would have been say, in lessening that sense of suffering, which is always augmented by the attention of the mind directed Another point regarding Lord Palmerston, very little known, is the interest he took in all that concerned the Physical Sciences, and more especially Astronomy, Chemistry, and Mechanics. This may consist of a cyst gastrostomy, cyst-jej unostomy (the Roux en Y construction or in continuity), or cystduodenostomy. Retamponing may be necessary, but the fetus is usually found on the gauze or in the vagina on removal of the tampon.

Among the symptoms usually regarded as being closely connected with intra-cranial lesions, optic neuritis is first named, but has been found entirely unreliable as a diagnostic guide. The majority of patients do not need any subsequent operative treatment and have very little discomfort. What can be the cause of the convulsions which are an invariable accompaniment of the disease? What is a convulsion? It might be called the result of an excessive and disorderly liberation of nerve energy.

Hence I am disposed to imagine, as already stated, that when both of these muscles contract together, they tend to steady the eyeball in the visual axis of the orbit, and contribute to modify the focus of the eye by compressing the sphere.


Compliance with the recent testing law should not be interpreted as meeting other moral and legal physician responsibilities for carrying out good medical practices relating to PKU, but not specifically covered by that law. The blank and standards were checked periodically during Data on patients with congestive heart failure and their response to treatment were obtained from personal interviews with practicing physicians and from hospital records in both high- and low-sodium regions. James Johnson's classic writings, displaced bark from general practice, and substituted bleeding and calomel.