Gross, he did believe in gradual dilatation as a means of cure. Flamant The compression of the cord is a necessary danger attending" all births by the feet, and indeed it constitutes a very serious objection to the process of turning; the child is very often asphyxiated, and in such a case we find upon dissection the same phenomena which are observed after drowning or hanging, viz. Haemorrhagic infarction of the lung occurs especially with high degrees of chronic passive congestion in which the venous pressure is elevated. Hypochondriasis is not always gastritis; but it is now found, that in many cases it commences and terminates with disease in the upper portion of the digestive tube and the assisting viscera. The patient also had he suffered from" obvious ague attacks, and also from distinct attacks of hsematinuria related to cold, exposure, and worry." He describes these attacks as being associated with" numbness, tingling and blueness of the extremities, the blue patches being at times suggestive of imminent aged sixteen, who had profuse suppuration from the bursa between the gluteus maximus and the great trochanter, which had followed some injury to the hip. The part should be kept at rest and, if it be a limb, should be raised.

It should therefore be borne in mind, that when there is muscular rigidity with lividity, the suspension of etherization will transform this into the relaxation of anaesthesia. The accessory stimuli used were cool draughts of air upon the skin or mucous membranes. The swelling, however, is apt to be greatest in the inguinal region, and the glands which are attacked are usually those lower down on the thigh than in the case of venereal buboes.

While the production of stimuli and the power to conduct those stimuli remain normal, or are increased. As one specimen, he stated that in Keene there had been no case of diphtheria through the last spring; but in June ten cases occurred in one neighborhood, in five families, in the practice of one physician. Ordinarily relatively few parasites within red corpuscles are to be found within the vessels: these are more numerous in the interlobular branches of the portal vein. If the pus prove exi-essive and very faHid it is review probably safer to insert a tube, as in this case healing may be more tardy. Clinically mediastinal emphysema may be recognised under certain circumstances, especially if it originate from injury or tracheotomy. The dimensions of the bladder were much contracted.

Saltzstein, and Sherwood American Cancer Society Meeting, Dallas registration fee. A rapid diminution in number occurs again during the paroxysm. Plantenga, Robert and Koch, and Boyd and Robertson also came to the conclusion that eggalbumen is absorbed from the large intestine to a much less extent than was stated by Ewald and Huber. The periods, during which the The enlargement is quite painless, is soft, and gives a feeling of fluctuation. Cleansing enemata can be followed by antiseptic injections, as of creolin acid or corrosive sublimate are dangerous, because if used in sufficient quantities to avail as germicides they are apt to produce toxic effects. Though a great number of pathological conditions are found in the course of scarlet fever, they have no essential relation with this malady, but are often present in other infectious diseases. Taylor in a paper, under the title of The Medical Supervision of the Mercantile Marine, which he communicated to the Congress of Hygiene which reviews met in London last year. The first question which presents itself for consideration under this heading, must be the frequency with which abnormal renal mobility exists.

Stacey Foot, perforating ulcer of -'" Fundal" or"suspensory" ligament, formation of, after hysteropexy Halliburton, Professor: Diabetes from physiological standpoint - - i Hysteropexy, formation of"fundal" or"suspensory" ligament after Killian, submucous resection and deviations of nasal septum (Dan Knee-joint, displacement of the internal semilunar cartilage of (Loui? Kraus, Frederick: Carlsbad treatment of diabetes and glycosuria Nasal septum, deviations of, and Killian submucous resection (Dan Marriage ivith a Deceased Wife's Sister or ivith a Deceased Husband's Omentopexy, successful treatment of ascites, associated with hepatic Rawling, Louis B.