The surgeon general remarks that the slight diminution in the incidence of such diseases in the preceding year had raised the hope that the"campaign of education" on this subject which had been begun by the medical officers was beginning to bear fruit, but the year before, but over every other year of which this record," says the report,"it is, if one may accept the opinions of high medical authorities, exceeded by the prevalence of these diseases in civil life, and it will be very difficult to make any substantial improvement in the record of the army in this respect until the State and municipal authorities are aroused to the necessity of taking serious sanitary measures to restrict their ravages." The surgeon general vigorously advocates the general adoption in the army of specific measures calculated to restrain the men from illicit sexual intercourse and to save them from the consequences of such indulgence as they cannot be induced to forego.


The basement contains orderlies' rooms, doctors' laboratory, etc., and a very complete sterilizing plant so arranged that its entrance room for the soiled things from above has no connection with its"clean room" except through the sterilizers themselves. In the meantime, strong frictions, with the use of the rubefacient solution, or bathing drops, should be applied. We all owe an unbounded gratitude for the Among the advantages to be found at the Sharon Sanatorium is the Children's Pavilion with its open-air school. Jobs - many ulcers are extremely obstinate and baffle even skilful surgeons. But in the majority of instances the general health has been excellent. Silver-Salvarsan is in clinical use in the following New York hospitals and Volunteer (Service of Dr. Under penalty of being accused of levity, I suggest that Shakespeare was the original proprietary medicine man.

If necessary, the incision can be extended into the intercostal space, but if possible the pleura is not divided. The pigmentation was deeper on the face, neck, back of the hands, the axillae, groins, genital region, and the areolae of the nipples. Bacilli were found in the meninges, but none in the abscess-wall or tissues about it. General measures which apply to all forms of regional pelvic peritonitis may be enumerated as follows: Rest in bed, the use of laxatives as indicated in the individual case, and hot douches to lessen the amount of vaginal discharge and inflammatory process by stimulating the blood-vessels and lymphatics: phs.health.go.ke. The crura of the clitoris, on its upper surface, were separate, the fibrous septum being deficient. Therefore complete division of the muscle by the "wash.health.go.ke" knife was found the most effectual treatment. On careful review of the case after operation, I could see no reason why the patient should not have recovered without laparotomy. In persons of debilitated systems an opposite treatment is required, the blood requires to be purified by the Blood Purifier and enriched fier, which acts simply as an aid to mail.health.go.ke nature. The simple fact that none of these have come into general use, taken with the sustained mortality of the disease for many years past, is sufficient evidence that such antiseptics have no specific action against the disease. Systolic or presystolic murmurs, heard best at the apex of a markedly enlarged heart, rarely mean valve lesions.

Removal of the extensive invasion is useless, for the neoplasm is sure Obstruction of the normal chs.health.go.ke blood supply to the peritoneum results in an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen termed ascites. Passes www.health.go.ke after the poison has been introduced into the body before the attack begins, sometimes apparently only a few days, at other times about a fortnight. If there is bleeding, the foot of the bed should be elevated, as in hemorrhage in typhoid fever.

It cannot, however, be affirmed that a well-marked and constant diazo reaction is any sign of a fatal termination, as with phthisis. One of the males and one of the females were complete. In one case seventy days elapsed before a regression of symptoms, all remained positive except two, one of which became negative after six weeks. Vomiting commonly follows, with little relation to the gastric conditions, and health.go.ke is ordinarily reflex and due to reversed peristalsis. But for those whose circnmstances or conditions in life prohibit their traveling to my office, I have arranged a list of questions, which, if properly answered, will enable me to treat all female troubles very nearly as well as at my office, excepting that a little longer time may be required: www.hsrs.health.go.ke. As Vincent truly says,"We must recognize great individual varieties in men and dogs in the susceptibility of the peritoneum." This great resistance is best illustrated by the case of intraperitoneal rupture of the bladder reported by Quick, where operation with recovery was performed eleven days after the injury, and the peritoneum was smooth and shining in the presence of a large amount of urine.