Erfahrungen - philip Adolphls: In the treatment of chronic pelvic disease by vaginal pressure, we may avail ourselves of the two methods of massage and columning the vagina. Louis Elsberg, of New York, read a very interesting paper on I"The Histology of Cartilage in general, and of the I Thyroid Caitilage in particular." The paper was! illustrated with a number of excellent drawings by the author. The aortic valve is firm, and shortened to a certain extent, and here again the posterior more than the anterior curtain of the valve. The chief form of insanity was chronic mania, of which there were into the men's ward of this hospital the almost from the mildest to the most active and dangerous types of insanity.


Various improvements on the barometer have trom time to time been made, wilh a view to render it secure and portable, to increase the minuteness and accuracy of its indications, and to render precise the correspondence between the height of the mercury in the instrument, and the elevation of its situation above the level of the sea. In the septicemic form there are chills, fever, prostration, unconsciousness, but no glandular enlargement. He took it to pieces and put it together again twenty times.

A liquid preparation to be applied to the body externally. Cellulitis, abscess, hydro and pyosalpinx and oophorites, are but outposts occupied by detachments of the armies of hostile germs, whose main body is intrenched in the uterus. That the contagion is short lived is shown by the fact that the disease is not readily transmitted from home to home and from school to school. As its Latin name indicates, it is very soft and impressible, and also liable to injury from many causes. In a certain sense tonsils can be outgrown.

But however hard the task may be, we must still try to know the true relation of the things which concern the ordinary practice of our profession; we mmt trace the influence of external agents as causes of disease; otherwise we can do nothing for its prevention. Diseases are next considered in their natural division of acute and chronic, after which each group of diseases and individual affections peculiar to childhood are taken up for special consideration. Of a mixture of tartrate and bicarbonate of BEIRIA'SIS. ; and an Appendix, containing Two Cases of Analogous Affections, by William Lawrence, to which we have confined ourselves, in noticing the various articles contained in this part of these Transactions, The papers on the Practice of Medicine are two only in with Official Documents relating to the subject; by William Ferguson, M.D. Diagram C, based on hospital records, shows the peak of the curve between the ages of twentyone and thirty. This work has been very acceptably done. I then placed my hand upon the abdomen, to see if the womb had contracted and to use Crede's method of delivering the placenta, when I found the fundus still high up in the abdomen, and upon introducing my finger again into the vagina I found the foot of a third child presenting itself, which was delivered without any difficulty. In other cases the principal disease was evidently idiopathic fever, the symptoms of the bowel affection being by comparison only faintly developed. The ordinary nerves correspond to insulated cables; the sympathetic nerves to ordinary exposed uninsulated wires. The main difference upon which the types are based at the present stage of study and upon which a specific differentiation is proposed is the manner of reproduction.

Since that time many changes to a great extent, the intensity of the malarial poison: and yet, in many communities, it still finds numerous victims. It oftens happens that mothers do not suspect infantile paralysis to be the cause of their children's mild symptoms, even when infantile paralysis is in the neighborhood, until the muscles begin to shrink. I always specify it where my cases need anti-malarial treatment. The larvae in the case described were those of In Texas, according to J. Among the earUest are shooting pains in the thighs, the so-called lightning or hmcinatiiig pains. The Relative Influences of Maternal and Wet-Nursing on Mother and Child: weight-lossmeds.net.

Babbits are found dead in many places. PERISTAPIIYLO-PHARYNGE'US.The upper part of the palato-pharyngeus PERISTER'NA.