Scarpa long ago showed that if he plunged his hand into water after handling a female toad, the males were attracted to it. In this direction, his arguments do not appear convincing; we cannot quite accept his conclusion that the much desired reform would follow in the wake of State Endowments. It may also show why I, for one at least, have so frequently refused to operate on patients at a distance from Boston, when they must be left under their own physician's care afterwards. The operation of trephining the inferior maxilla for excision of the dental of the jaw in a lady fifty-nine years old, and thus afforded her relief from an excruciating neuralgia of three years' standing." (Surgical Observations The operation is known as the Warren method; its object is to excise the inferior dental nerve just after it has entered the foramen, and thus to avoid injuring the gustatory nerve.

The dream was all too short and she was sad at waking but felt even better than on getting the letter from the nurse two days before. A little cocaine was then put into the urethra, which was gently dilated with a bulb passed inside of a cystoscope. Doctor Walker had informed him that in London the members of the fire and police departments were not expected to return to active duty under nine months after a fracture of the thigh.

Sir: I recently saw, in your valuable journal for Scran ton, on the relationship between intranasal disease and skin eruptions on the face. Holt had presented were very important to those who were working with children between the ages of two and Dr. The wounds were now closed with deep (iron) and superficial (silk) sutures; the abdomen was well covered with cotton batting. Two of the upper dorsal vertebras were eroded, as were also the sternum and clavicles.

The blood count excluded leucemia and the spleen was not enlarged.

Review - the first experiments with the dead cultures were made by him on himself and on his children, and after these proved to him the harmlessness of the procedure he supplied the vaccines in large quantities to the Russian made, for it was soon seen that repeated treatment was much better the vaccinations are best seen in the figures of morbidity given by Massachusetts Legislature recently passed the following act that will certainly meet with the approval of every right-minded person, whether Be it enacted, etc., as follows: Whoever publishes, delivers, distributes or causes to be published, delivered, or distributed, an advertisement, statement or notice, other than a label which is attached to a bottle or package of medicine, or which is contained in a sealed package of medicine, describing the causes, symptoms, details or effects of a venereal disease, or of a disease, infirmity or condition of the sexual organs, for the purpose of calling attention to or advertising a person or persons from whom, or an office or place at which information, treatment, or advice may be obtained concerning such diseases or conditions, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than six months or by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than five A NEW riETHOD OF PURIFYING AND STERILIZING WATER. Louis Bauer, who was the originator of the German Dispensary and Hospital, and also the first physician to teach and practise orthopedic surgery in America. Such milk is delivered daily in New York and other large cities and has not the disadvantage of a large cent.

The onset was a pain of intense character, requiring morphine in liberal quantity; shock, board-like rigiditv in the upper right quadrant; thoracic breathing and later pain in the right lower quadrant simulating appendicitis. Organic diseases of the blood vessels that differential diagnosis would be imposible. Still, we cannot think that even the strongest opposers of this movement will deny that the committee has, on the whole, performed a difficult task discreetly, as impartially as it was in their power to do, and in a manner creditable to its members.

Trusted - their exceptional character, however, is the point that must engage our attention. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Pyorrhoea dentalis et alveolaris; Specific Cause having it sooner or later); it leads to loss of teeth by a long suppurative process, begins in adult life, or earlier, affects primarily the dental and alveolar periosteum; whenever the periosteum is destroyed, ulceration of the soft tissue attached to it, of course, occurs. The post-mortem examination had revealed considerable interstitial change in the kidneys. He was physician to the Manchester Infirmary for many years, and was the first professor of medicine in Victoria University. The conclusions drawn were as follows: (i) Cases of inverted typhoid fever were comparatively quite rare, and the subject was deserving of thorough investigation as often and wherever an epidemic occurred, with the object in view of determining the relative frequency of the disease; and in doing this all the methods for confirming the diagnosis should be rigidly applied in each suspected case. Children are very often victims. That these results were obtained as stated we have no difficulty in believing, but we do not admit that they justify the conclusions drawn.


The solid portion was cut across, and a probe passed into the centre of the pedicle emerged in the vagina. One could not insult a damaged muscle. In some of these pat,ients to the appendix alone were attributed the symptoms, in other cases there were other conditions associated or that appeared to be be diseased without any local symptoms, all the symptoms being referred to another region of the abdomen. The victim is incapable of walking unless pushed or led by the hand, but when placed on his feet, stands erect and motionless, with the head bent forward and the eyes half closed. They should be equipped to do all kinds of surgery. The abdomen is protuberant but its examination gives negative results.