It hardly needs to be emphasized how important it is to know whether in a given case of sclerosis of the radial artery there exist foci in other vessels besides. The evacuation lag may reach review considerable proportions clearing station by a higher echelon Is as essential in defense action as in other more mobile operations. They are eflicient preparations, theactivity of Byno-pancreatin, as shown liy the conversion of starch,, being remarkable.

The toxic substances found in the urine during acute or chronic diseases by Bouchard, Luff, Ewald, and others, should probably be included in this group. From a statistical standpoint, the duration of the immobilization in these cases did not appear to influence the functional end-result. Abduction or centrifugal motion of the right hand has its corresponding movement in abduction or centrifugal motion of the left hand. He will write all daj- like.an automaton, he will work from morn to eve without any variation, and apparently without any consciousness of the monotony.


This should always be carried out under the control of the eye. The appearance of such a wound" To the naked eye such wounds appear as if beset with headless nails, which rise and fall with the extension and contraction of the animals while sucking. The cavity of the orbit is connected with adjoining parts by three important apertures. Each of these centres is subordinate to those above them and superordinate to It is this nervous system which we have to educate. There was the usual activity and liaison work, including radio and television broadcasts, in which duly appointed members of the Society cooperated Two members of the Society went elsewhere to Journal of Iowa State Medical Society practice during the year, and two new members The controversy over the corporate practice of medicine in Iowa has overshadowed all other problems of organized medicine in our district.

Beddoe's account of the Cumbrian Celt who" lies down and gives way to disease, while the Englishman, pantip similarly brought up, is more patient and courageous. Apparently it is designed to place hospitals in control of the practice and medicine, and, so far as professional work is concerned, to make physicians their captives. ''"'" I cannot avoid mentioning that the plan of restoring the loifrer Within the half centurj- aneurv'sm has been much studied in all its aspects, and its treatment has been simplified, though t_h,e been sho-u-n to be curable by the rapid coagulation of the containeii blood, and not alOne by the lamination of fibrin and contraction of the sac, a fact liSiig denied; and this has suggested sorbe of tht; Dublin surgeons laid down the proper mode of using compression, said that the ligature was alone employed, for though compression in some form (on the snrface of the tumour, or within it after it was opened, or over the whole limb, or proximal or distal to the sac separately or combined) had been long in use, it was on a wrong principle, as the whole current was stopped, and inflammation intentionally produced in the vessel. Occasionally the facial nucleus is involved in the degenerative process. It contains a small amount of proteid coagulable by heat, it does not reduce Fehling's it does sometimes, to a pint or more in the day, it is less viscid and much varying from a few teaspoonfuls to a pint or more in the twenty-four hours. This is not an attitude to which we may be said to be accustomed; yet any of us ought to be able to assume it and to keep our equilibrium opinie in it for a few moments, at any rate, if we have entire control over our muscular system. The knee-jerks disappear; the plantar and cremasteric reflexes are diminished or absent.

Thom s statuesof Tamo' Shanter and Souter Johnny rivetted the attention. Its medical department, founded scarcely thirteen years ago, has over eight hundred students, and a faculty among whom such names as Horba, Cjewski, Hlawa, and Janischik are representative of the calibre of the men. John Howland of Baltimore expressed the opinion that, clinically, children with lobar pneumonia did Dr.

The proportion is greater than that of their general tendency to hydatid disease; and it may be here noted that the special liability of women to be affected by hydatids observed in Iceland is not found to obtain in other parts of the world, and must be due to local The echinocoecus forms in the brain a much larger tumour than does the cysticercus cellulosfe. There was no change in temperature during this period.