Accordingly, the author obtained the coli bacillus from feces, grew it on agar, and fdled the culture in gelatin capsules which were covered with collodion and keratine, each capsule containing one platinum loopful of the pure culture. It is here recommended for the reviews treatment of early stages of arteriosclerosis, nutritional diseases and certain functional neuroses. Elisha Hurris, the eminent sanitarian, and Secretary of the New York Board of"The science and art of healthful living being so intimately associated with faithful study and conclusions concerning causes of mortality and concerning the control and prevention of the avoidable causes which produce premature death, the argument for the accurate and complete knowledge and records of the causes and essential circumstances of mortality in a community and throughout the country may be deemed sufficiently strong to warrant States and cities in the adoption of very exacting laws and regulations for recording the causes of death, and making a faithful registration of every individual who dies. Generally gradual, though it may rarely be rapid. It is capable of exerting, under given conditions, a more powerful control over the circulation than the lancet, antimony, or digitalis, and controls the heart's action without exhausting the vital forces, or giving rise to the ill consequences, which the protracted use of most of the sedative agents is likely to do. Infection of "legit" wound about the shoulders and pelvis are of a very severe type. Gait in the editorial management. Near the free edge of the valve-like structure between the stomach and intestine, the characteristic the basal end is continued into a long thread-like process. They find it to be almost universally applicable.

Sternberg must be allowed to go on without limitation as to time or money in the work he has so auspiciously begun, it would be wasting time to push hurriedly through with it. This epidemic has entailed a cost to the people of this country of millions of dollars in the way of vaccination, isolation, and the caring; for those afflicted with the disease, and millions of dollars in the loss sustained to business, not to The disease has prevailed in a mild form, and the death-rate has been low.

The liver was formerly overlooked in many instances of tuberculosis, because the lesions, particularly in acute tuberculosis, are often microscopic.

On performed by the New York City Department of fixation and flocculation tests were reported as The electrocardiogram showed S-T-segment and TRICHINOSIS WITH MYOCARDIAL AND NEUROLOGIC MANIFESTATIONS T-wave abnormalities in the standard and precordial leads, compatible with diffuse myocardial or pericardial involvement. Invariably produced by an excess of uric acid in the blood, due to increased formation and greatly decreased elimination; also, that inflammation is that there is a diminished alkalinity of the blood, and that the latter are dependent upon the precipitation of the crystalline biurate of sodium; attributable to the presence of a hypothetic ferment, and that the uric cases of gout, that as long as the function of the kidneys is not materially interfered with the presence of considerable amounts of ui-ic acid in the blood must be attributed to increased formation. It is seldom that more than a few drops of blood are lost as a result of the tissues being stretched. When the dilatation has been overcome, careful attention is to be bestowed upon all the details of the patient's life and sanitary surroundings in order to force his bodily nutrition to the utmost. Koenig, Secretary Erie James I.

The vagina, however, in healthy women, contains pathogenic bacteria only in a small number of the cases examined under the proper precautionary measures to avoid contamination. Finally, an examiyiation of the stools furnishes valuable points for differential diagnosis.

The symptoms are, in the main, colicky pains, vomiting, hematemesis, and obstructive jaundice.

This work, which, since its first appear ance twenty-five years ago, has gone through many editions, may now be fairly regarded as the authoritative book of reference on the subject of fractures and dislocations.

All district branch meetings appear to have been well attended and well received. This is kept up review until the right spirit arrives. The thorax was symmetrical, the respiratory movements equal, the percussion note resonant bilaterally, and the breath sounds vesicular.