It is on the principle, you will remember, of the headmirror which is used by a little clamp; and when you get the mirror at the right place you turn the screw and hold it there. In cases where the effusion is large, with marked dyspnea and much displacement of the mediastinum, it is always advisable to aspirate the fluid; but when the effusion is not large it may be aspirated or left alone, and when a hemothorax is found to be infected it should be aspirated or drained early. It is from that point of view also that I exhort my friends, either pure scientists or practitioners, never to forget that there is no antagonism between the two classes. All divided vessels were then ligated and so far no blood at all entered the mouth.

He remarks upon the mental infantilism in his first two papers, this mental infantilism having been shown in their never having established really friendly relations with a large group of other children; their not having been able to get en rapport with their social environment; their having had inconclusive love affairs; their having been unmarried, having presented inadequacy of feeling and will, and having lived in a vague world of doubt, indecision and vacillation. For some weeks septicemia progressed in the body without producing any symptoms; at least, so far as I can understand from the physicians. It appears that the observation was made by a student of medicine in Vienna by the name of Koller. The pain and discomfort of cystoscopy may provoke the patient to procrastinate beyond the time that the superior advantages of direct Ballenger and Elder report a benign papilloma of the bladder which was recorded upon a Roentgen negative after the bladder was distended with sterilized air. The method, if somewhat heroic, appears worth trying. Margaret Cleaves, of New York city; Gladys L. I complained of who learned the new results of my researches in my lectures have not always remained conscious of the source of their knowledge, and thus they have not always been in a condition to give me due credit in their publications. The writer recently saw a boy of seven who had had a peculiar limp for two weeks and was brought for legit advice on account of this and indefinite pain about the hip.

Effective treatment in addition to the internal would be, the topical application of disinfectants; use the bichloride of mercury and a five per cent solution of carbolic acid.

It is now' recognized that there is a specific requisite for growth, which is known as growth vitamine, the exact nature of which is unknown, although it is found in milk, egg yolk, and codliver oil.

In the City of New York alone the names of Vanderbilt, Sloane, Carnegie, Ollendorfer, Woerishoffer, Seth Low, Payne and Pierpont Morgan are not the only ones that should be mentioned and never forgotten. This course seemed the more needful in the last few years in consequence of the failure of the national government to maintain a health service. It is, however, quite obvious that laboratory methods requiring the use of monkeys are both too complicated and too costly for ordinary diagnostic use. Review - he secured his milk from thirty-nine dairies, none in the city limits, but all within a radius of fifteen miles. Another significant finding was the protection the active treatment afforded women. If, on the other hand, there is stagnation with achylia, there is usually a high degree of organic obstruction. A physician or hospital administrator, and anyone designated by either of them is urged to read this article before allowing the inspection or copying of medical records and reports which are in his the subject of medical care or treatment, or in case or other person having custody of any medical or hospital records or reports concerning such care or treatment, shall forthwith permit the person designated in such authorization to inspect and copy such records and reports. Safet.y First is a popular "" motto. The following morning he called and gave patient a hot creolin douche and made a most thorough examination. Kraepelin found only a small proportion among the course, rarity in itself constitutes no real objection BLACK WELL: OPERATION IN OTITIS MEDIA. In rhythmical or hysterical chorea the movements may be very similar to tics, but they are not tics since the specific element is lacking. That is what I shaU prove by the discourse of a gentleman who is known to erudite men of all classes as a scholar, to his professional brethren as a learned physician, and to his numerous admirers among the public at large as OF NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE, In its last meeting the Council of the Academy directed Academy during the current year. If in the lower extremity, a lameness passing off and recurring.


Observe regularly for possible blood dyscrasias.

Affirms that during the first stage, which lasts to the disappearance of all tenderness or from one to three months, the essential requirement of treatment is absolute rest and the prevention of deformity.

These favorably influenced the case, but didn't stop the necrotic process.