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The Board is therefore of opinion that Colonel Bruce did not appreciate the need of trained experts at the base and in casualty clearing stations, and holds that a specially trained practitioner who can efficiently command a field ambulance is, as a rule, of more value at the front than as a speciaUst in a general hospital. Bramley Moore, Montreal:"Injuries to the eye caused by F.

LoS ANGELES The purpose of this paper is to render a preliminary report of three cases of mediastinal sarcoma treated with radium: http. Allen's remarks were covered by the original three statements. Be it understood that it is only when clear indications exist for vasomotor dilation that this remedy will alleviate. The author recognizes two varieties of diaphragmatic hernia. The period of suffocation and prostration are practically synonymous, in some cases the gas is taken into the stomach as well as the lungs and necrosis of the mucous membrane with the attendant lack of secretion in the severe types, and the hypersecretion in the milder cases soon follows. It does not seem desirable to enter as fully into the author's examination of the effects of compression of the brain as into that of the cerebrospinal shock, and we shall therefore confine ourselves in what follows to the more prominent results of this examination, leaving the others to be considered when the second or clinical part of the book shall have appeared. The individual, as he conducts himself, makes up the aggregate morale; and nothing should be left undone till it has been brought up to a high standard. Extensions applied as described above will not damage tho ekin; on the other hand, transverse bands of adhesive strapping at the level of the tubercle of the tibia and about the ankle are prolific sources of sores. Duret to indicate the sudden arrest or suppression of the functional activity of the brain produced by a blow upon the skull or by an injection into its cavity, when the force is transmitted through and by the cerebrospinal liquid to certain more or less distant regions of the encephalon, of the shock, the mode in which the action is exerted, and the lesions which it produces were, he claims, discovered by him and first described in the book before us. Retention of urine is the first topic discussed; and its symptoms, varieties, causes, diagnosis, and results fully presented. Convalescence was uncomplicated, and good health was enjoyed for another year, although the right Kidney was still obviously review big, and the secretion of urine which became big, hard, and tender, and there was blood in the urine. The student should be an active worker for moral uplift, and hit right out from the shoulder business in and around his University. Moreover, post-operative adhesions are due to such a multitude of causes, even in the same individual, that no single preventive measure can possibly be counted upon with security.

If the infra-orbital nerve gives evidence of being affected, it is manifested by muscular twitchings; the same may be said of the sign of neuralgia in the facial threads of the inferior maxillary. Ho had convulsive movements of the wounded erfahrungen foot and the leg and thigh of the same side. The action taken iu reviews Lancashire, to which Mr.

This enormous field of research has been sadly neglected. This observer points out that callosal systems of unusual size certainly belong to brains which possess a weight above the normal; but he goes on to show that large brains are sometimes found in individuals of average or even of inferior intellect.

There are, however, many pitfalls with diseases of more commonplace nature. After considerable discussion leave of absence was granted providing the doctors joining tho Division of the British Medical Association together with other practitioners so that each area of // the Division is adequately represented. As regards prognosis Sir of the cord are more promising than those invading the anterior commissure in front or the arytenoid region laryngo-fissure. Soule considered fixation the preferable method if it could be maintained for a long enough time to control the situation. In the latter the inadequacy of the valves can be proven by the fact that the injection of the vena cava in the dissecting room distends the superficial veins of the neck, while those of the arms are unaffected. Thus it is possible that the sudden death in healthy children which has occasionally followed sudden movement or excitement, as, for instance, tossing the child into the air, has been caused by inhibition of the heart's action. Constipation and fecal impaction of the rectal pouch alternating with periods of liquid feces often induce a sudden inflammation of the sigmoid flexure and rectum, or the rectal disturbance may be an extension of colitis resulting from the passage of the irritating discharges from above. It is impossible to obtain perfect ventilation in a room and the ideal sleeping apartments for the tuberculous patient is the tent house.