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We have long had methods of estimating the CO, of the blood, although the subject did not receive much attention jirevious to the work Haldane's laboratory, but it remained for Van Slyke- to develop a method so simple that it could readily be employed for clinical purposes. He cites duces cancer when inoculated upon the enumeration of signs and symptoms healthy plants.

The customer buys the preparation he desires and immediately takes his departure; and it is usually a delicate question to ask," What do you take it for?" Dr. PLATT'S CHLORIDES has received the approval of the medical profession for more than thirty-eight years as the Standard Disinfectant in the hospital, sanitarium, sickroom and the household. It produces in dogs the same fall in blood pressure, delayed coagulability of the blood, and leucopenia, and in guinea pigs the same bronchial spasms.

Susceptible individuals develop the disease after a few weeks' residence in affected regions but are rapidly cured after removal therefrom. We are assured by the local physician that We're a"blarsted" young country, to be sure; but we're conceited enough to think we www.dekalb can turn out an"a number one" Many swamps and ponds, which are now considered utterly worthless, might be made sources of great profit by devoting them to the production of a worm which is exceedingly valuable, and the cultivation of which requires no expensive outlay. Do we ever forget the ffrst case of "" labor we We were so top heavy with knowledge that it made us weak in the knees to carry it; at least my knees were weak and trembling when I attended my first case.

(a) This method was widely employed when potassium salts were cheap. Though they may get off of the drug, the majority of users sooner Just what were the factors within the individuals themselves that accounted for the apparent failure on the part of fully developed drug addicts to be cured, we wished, so far as the limitations of such a study permitted, to determine. The peritoneum and liver were extensively involved. Liver abscess may occur in Acute amebic dysentery. Red acuminated pimples, not suppurating. Having killed its host, it also must die. Attention to or neglect of this may turn the scale in desperately ill patients.

One who knew him well writes thus of him:'"Andrew was in my judgment a man of much acuteness. The first is chiefly limited to the face, neck, and breast, and often continues in the form of numerous, hard, whitish specks, for along time, which on the removal of their tops do not discharge any fluid, though it is probable they were originally formed by a deposition of fluid, which afterwards concreted under the cuticle ( This might be the result in applying may be applied to the deep lesion when not To produce any marked effect upon the deeper check the less penetrating rays which would otherwise be absorbed by the superficial tissues and cause marked destructive changes there before the less numerous and more penetrating rays could act on the deeper tissues. This interest has lessened as the psychiatric point of view has been turning away from nosologic distinctions, and toward regarding many of the functional psychoses as individual types of reaction to personal experiences. The tumour was thought to be a serocystic sarcoma, but proved to be a colloid carcinoma. Infection is usually found in children under sixteen years of age, while susceptibility is greatest during the first five years of life. The fat diet can spare the proteins of the animal at the source, but cannot act in conservation of protein material by taking an active part in reconstruction of new protein substance. In sac on right side was found a long appendix, the end of which was coiled around and adherent to the testicle.

As a brief, concise manual of war surgery, based upon personal observations made near the front, the book deserves careful reading by all interested in the subject. Such a symptom group in a woman of childbearing age should suggest a ruptured tubal pregnancy. It is commonly most marked in the nail of the index finger and becomes progressively less pronounced in the third, fourth and fifth finger nails. In only two cases was memory disturbance at all marked. Dastre pointed out that neither animals nor human beings can be put on their chloride minimum without the salt of the food The chloride minimum for human beings has not yet been determined with certainty. (b) Detention and examination of dogs suspected of having rabies.