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If both hips are wanted for comparison, better results are obtained by using two smaller plates, making separate exposures for each plate according to the technique In studying the hip it is always important that the feet should be placed with the toes pointing directly upward. During the following two years she had no treatment, yet the progress of the distortion stopped and she became somewhat straighter. The filtered massive dose accomplishes that purpose. Any disturbance of digestion must be corrected, if possible, and the diet should be of a simple Stunmer is the season of the lotus eater. I can recall a number of these accidents: one could not be reached after an extended trial, and the whole incision was closed up in order that the patient might die as quietly as possible; this she did not do, however, but lived in spite of everything and the track afterward closed of its own accord. Causes of both conditions the same. The two mistakes of Knox's life which stand out glaringly were, estimation.

In the subjoined table the distinguishing features of tetanus and strychnine poisoning are contrasted.

During a sun-bath, respiration becomes, at first, accelerated and then returns to the normal rate, but the quantity of carbonic acid The action on the nervous system is considerable.

Write on one side of paper only. Great freedom from colds is enjoyed by Every patient with pulmonary tuberculosis should take daily, preferably a feeling of warmth, produced by the dilatation of the cutaneous vessels, following the primary contraction caused by the cold. In all these cases, as complete a Roentgen examination as possible should be made to determine, if possible, the cause of the accompanying symptoms. I turaally mix it with sugar of milk, in about the proportions of the ix trit, but do not triturate it, as I do not care to expose it to the air and light to that extent. No case of this type at this period of the disease has come under our observation, but Fournier refers to it. The tubes and ovaries were distended with rotten pus, and were everywhere so adherent that they burst and deluged the belly with putrid matter; nor could the ovaries be wholly removed. When babies are born, if their respiration and circulation are at fault, they are promptly rubbed and slapped without waiting for a diagnosis and usually with the result of bringing them around all When this world you enter if you're gasping for breath,'Tis the first thing they do to save you from death: If too soon you would leave this terrestrial sphere'Tis the last thing they do to keep you long here.

Frequently the pain is so great that he is willing to undergo any mode of treatment in order to secure relief. We have cautiously added first slightly boiled eggs, then meat broiled, then well-baked bread.

And would bear reporting, as it has been in the hands of some of the leading physicians in both Wilmington and Philadelphia, and there is quite a difference of opinion about the nature of the disease. But there are three hypotheses caused by traumatism resulting from injury inflicted during birth due to malformation of the acetabulum or the femur or both. I wrote him various prescriptions, and gave him different tonics and cough mixtures, all treatment. Four did not walk until their second year; three walked Again, of the fifty-two patients who walked well at first, Thus, in eighty-five cases, it is found that in thirty-eight the disease first manifested itself before the age of five years, in twenty-six between the fifth and tenth year, in six between tlie tenth and sixteenth year, and in only six after that age, namely: one at twenty-four, one at twenty-six, one at twenty eight, one;it tliirty-twoj one at tliirty-seven, and one abont Ont of the twenty-six patients in whom the disease developed itself before they walked, the ealves were always enlarixed in three, and when two of these came under observation, in their thirteenth year, tliey had never walked. He shall be the custodian of the general papers and records of the Association (including those of the Treasurer) and shall conduct Ihe official correspondence of the Association. He spoke highly of the Canadian volunteers in particular, drawing a lively picture of the different occasions when our men were called out. Among these may be mentioned eggs, milk and its derivatives, meat juice, many fats, Milk, eggs, and meat are the most important.

Permit me to state my case, and I am certain you will agree with me that in justice to myself and to my cause, I can not accept this The object of my paper is to show the cause of the deplorable irregularities in our onomatology, to show why all attempts thus far to remedy the condition have failed, and to submit a plan to establish all scientific onomatology; this plan to be acted upon by the New York Academy of Medicine during the meeting, and for which plan I have made such preparations as will cause no difficulty to bring For my cause I have been working eleven y'ears. Huchard's prescription was fifteen to thirty grains daily, in from four to ten hypodermic injections). In nine out of ten patients the small dose produces but slight local and no systemic manifestations, but one out of ten or twelve patients occasionally will exhibit evidence of oversusceptibility. Some new-growth of epithelium from these edges may take place, but the development of scar tissue is usually so great as to form the most prominent feature and to cause actual stenosis of the intestine when the ulcer is an extensive one of the girdle form. Such articles are curiously glanced over by a few; the great majority never read further than the headlines and opening sentences. With the development of Pott's disease, there was a marked improvement in his urinary trouble, and the pain then became located in a plane corresponding to the top of the hips. He may attempt to bite his attendants or spit at them.