Hence it is, that enlargement of the thymus gland is frequently connected with sudden and remarkable alterations in the state of the great vessels, heart, lungs, and brain. The number of cases which a thorough exsection of tiie nerve had resulted in radical cure. None of the gags will remain in place if tiiere is much struggling on the part of the patient, and, since partial anfflsthesia is often essential, in order to have the aid of the patient in freeing the larynx from blood, if the gag slips at a critical moment it not only adds to the anxiety of the operator but also possibly may cau.se the death of the patient. " Did you ever look carefully into an ancient Greek anatomy to find out what the abdomen was really called in their language? The word hcUii appears ten times in the English version of the New Testament; did you ever note that the original (!reek has the work koilia, and never litpara, in these ten places? in which he has this significant sentence:' The omphalos (navel) is the hollow which occupies the middle of the koilia, where we cut the veins that nourish the fa'tus; the middle part of the hollow is the akroinphaIon' (top of the navel). The outside of bones is covered by a tough material, a skin known as the periosteum which can be stripped off; it is very strong and sensitive and contains blood vessels which serve to nourish the bone beneath.

Whenever we notice, after a week or more of the duration of a pleurisy with effusion, and when tubercular disease may be probably eliminated, that the temperature curve shows intermittent high elevations and equally low falls, at somewhat irregular intervals, accompanied or not by rigors and more or less profuse sweating, we must be on our guard against the presence This statement is still more important if the pleurisy lie a secondary one, or a complication of some acute febrile disorder, as typhoid fever, pneumonia, or panama the exanthemata. For Consumptives; Physician in Charge, Phipps' Disp. Let them have a society of their own. So does suboxidation; so does alterations in the composition of the blood.

According to the reports of witnesses in the recent coal strike investigation one of the causes of the shortened life period of the coal miner is the continued inhalation of coal dust. Gleitsmann, proliferation had taken place, although the neoplasm had only slightly grown I was consulted, counseled a unilateral modified laryngectomy, side of the larynx was in part the site of two whitish sessile growths, the upper one upon the ventricular band and the lower one projecting from the ventricle.

When it was introduced into a healthy nostril a cloud immediately issued from the other nostril; if tiie pharynx was occluded by adenoid growths, the spray did not return.

We are now securing data for these frauds, to be published next issue, and mark, the fur many defects in the present county system of caring lor glaring in the different counties; in some the builii are totally unfit for the purpose, and in others, while the buildings are good, there is yet a lack of proper and A Young Doctor ordered a first class self- registering mercury down. Those parts of the tissue that are thus deprived of the support which a free circulation gives them before the introductioii of the obstructing body, now become the easy prey of the chemical affinity always resident in their elements, and they decompose and turn to pus.


The rise in temperature came on very soon after the bleeding, before there was time for septic mischief, and subsided without further complication. In the interest of conciseness the editors www.concerta.net/ must have made many hard decisions omit.

Operations were not always demanded, as dilating the uterus, curetting and packing with iodoform gauze would often relieve; but, if the conservative methods failed, then the surgeon's more radical aid was dangerous than the disease itself. As to suturing the bladder, it was only advisable when that organ was perfectly healthy, which was not often the case. In moderation is a stimulant to the brain and spinal cord. The angle of the rib, as already emphasized, is of value in diagnosis because of its greater comparative promnence. In order that the association of which I am a meinber and the committee of which I am chairman may be enabled to take the proper steps to protect the emjdoyees in the paper-making industry from this danger, any evidence your committee may have that the infection of Asiatic cholera has ever been brought into this country in imported raas, or that any case of the disease has ever been traced" I remain respectfully yours," Secretary of the Medical Adimory Committee of the Chamber of Commerce. Initially, he was knocked unconscious but later regained consciousness and lapsed in and out in a phasic fashion, occasionally eating snow and thinking that he heard the voices concerta.net of his fellow workers. Elective, once weekly from October to May. Sympathetic nerves; if we reflect also that in this situation we have an organ of considerable dimensions, and capable of great distention, we can easily understand that any deviation in point of size will produce important results with respect to the condition of the surrounding organs. The statement of the large percentage of transitory mental disturbances that have appeared in the State Hospital for the Insane seems to me to be a strong argument for the establishment of psychopathic wards in general hospitals. The superior maxillary branch is divided at its entrance into the foramen rotundum. In a room of irregular height under the roof of a house there must be a mean height of eight Such a law does not seem to us to attain the desired end of the prevention of overcrowding; for, no matter how high a room may be, it is possible to so fill it with human beings that the breathing space will be inadequate for them, while a room less than eight feet high may be so well ventilated that the change of air compensates for the deficiency in cubic air space. Thus we find it quite as easy to cure pleurisy or peritonitis, as we were the only physician in the cases, and only two or three of them all blood, with excitement in that membrane.