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Martinet and Parent ( for example) after a careful examination of llfi cuseH of what they considered inflammation of the membranes of the brain, had come to the conclusion, that when inflammation of the arachnoid membrane is seated on the convex surface of the hemispheres, delirium sets in early, and is the prominent and characteristic symptom; while if it occurs at the under-surface and base of the brain, coma is the more usual attendant, ami sets in early. These call for further description. The clinical importance of the exposed cardiac dulness in determining the size of the heart has been much overrated, and many clinicians of to-day pay no attention to it in estimating cardiac "" conditions. And as a still further enticement, if any be needed, each chapter is introduced by a quotation from here and there in any array of literary subject, just by the way, the author is an authority) to the Bible. There is yet a third condition, properly called optic neuritis, or neuritis dexendetu, in which the capillary network of the nerve itself participates in changes propagated downwards from the cerebrum, and in which impairment of vision holds a very early place among the EYE, AND ITS APPENDAGES, DISEASES OF. Brain, whether pnncipully characterized by degenerations with a ocalized overgrowth of connective tissue, are also not uafrequently productive of convulsions, either in persons of middle or of advanced age.

The walls of the vein were perfectly healthy. As many of the cashier diseases attributed to disordered liver, heart and kidneys really have their origin in the stomach, and disperse as soon as the stomach is relieved, it becomes a matter of no small moment to consider well the true state of the digestive tract. The destructive changes are thus described by Niemeyer:"Cells, the products of inflammation, accumulate in the alveoli, and minute bronchi crowd upon each other, becoming densely packed, and thus, by their mutual pressure, they bring about their own decay, as well as that of the lung textures, by interfering with their nutrition, survey the alveolar walls being also themselves damaged by the inflammatory process." The position of the catarrhal pneumonia resulting in the above changes is usually at the apex, but it may occur at any portion of the lungs, or a whole lung becomes infiltrated, and undergoes the cheesy degeneration (phthisis florida).

Acute by the Widal test, rose spots, or lapse of time. - in a majority fonghening or calcification of the aortic segments or of the aorta just beyond the valve ring; and anromia (not uncommon). Are an area in the Kurdistan Hills, with a secondary area in Irak, the first two are of real importance as far as we know.

According to the observations of Vierordt and Limbeck, there is usually a slight diminution in the number of red cells after eating or drinking, probably to be explained by the dilution of the blood due to absorption of fluid. Forster has tried this treatment also in acute cases. There is not the slightest doubt that malaria causes a great destruction of red cells, and that the hccmoglobin set free in this way is manufactured into bile; and, theoretically, it is not impossible for this conversion into bile to be incapable of coping with the haemoglobin set free, and thus leaving a haemoglobinaimia which becomes a haemoglobinuria. By slidig the upper glass to one side particular objects may be removed )r identification and detailed examination by the microscope. In other cases the patient arouses from the coma, the hemiplegia with aphasia persisting, and the case pursues the usual course of localized cerebral softening (search). All these symptoms are increased by cold and damp, and diminished by heat and dryness. William Nicolle forwarded to the Museum ten type-specimens of trematodes both anatomical and pathological, from his private collection. Signs of a general peritonitis may be met with, and will generally be associated with a gangrenous or perforated condition of the intestine.

Even a simple hypertrophy of tlie jobs liver may be followed by splenic enlargement. Neuralgia is unilateral, while the pains of multiple neuritis are bilateral.

The disease may come to an end at this stage or an earlier one, and the integrity of the mucosa be restored, or the necrosis may extend more deeply and involve the death depth of the mucosa and be associated with marked inflammatory changes in the submucous and muscular tunics. .pposed relation of sympathetic nn preparation of dry museum specimens of I influence of music on electrocardiograms and blood chemical changes in blood and urine in of vagina, especially myiasis due to syrphld primary myopathies and their endocrine relationship, three unusual cases of parasitism, slug, myriapod and poisoning with comments on toxity of eucalyptus oil pathologic conditions of, (various forms of leuconychia transverse grooving, incurved nails with clubbed bacteriological investigation of organisms resembling fibroma, nasal and nasopharyngeal, with reference to and naso-pharynx with special reference to classification and occurrence of latter among normal NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR MENTAL HYGIENE NAUHEIM baths: see Baths, Nauheim Hospital Corps.

The mixture is centrifuged and staining smears dried by gentle heat. This disease is associated with so many chronic ailments that it demands more than a passing notice. Textile fabrics should be baked or boiled,or spread out in the room for fumigation, but this is not so effective, and colours are bleached.