Arteriotomy, then, since it has never an effect, which cannot be equalled by venous bloodletting with as much success, ought to be placed far below the latter, if it ought not to be wholly proscribed. There is always acute swelling of the lymph glands and reddening of the cortical In buffaloes the tuberculous foci (mostly in the thoracic organs) are grayish-white, yellowish or entirely white and contain remarkably juicy cheesy masses.

Three cubic inches larger than the ancient Egyptian. Bostoek, Marcet, and Lassaigne, analysed this fluid, and shewed that, like that of hydrocephalus, it was more aqueous, and contained less albumen than in cases of ordinary dropsy, Bostock's analysis is as traces of lime. On the other hand, of six pigs that had lesions of tuberculosis. Fee Robert G Jones, Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, hours. A complete'losis was infectious, and furnished definite proof that inoculation with tuberculous material produces the disease in the animal experimented upon. Kaye reported an increase in the urinary acid mucopolysaccharides during exacerbations in some of was not made in this case. Hence it belongs to the general stimulants, or remedies which heighten the lis vita; but on account of its especial action on the biain, which is perhaps reinforced by the continual odour from the stiimach, it must be used with caution.

If the profession in that State would all pull in one direction as hard as some of the individual members do, what would they not accomplish? Practical Homoeopathy for the People, Adapted to the Comprehension OF THE Non-Professional, and for Reference by the Young Practitioner, Including a Number of Most Valuable This little book, designed to disseminate among the people a better knowledge of homoeopathic practice, is written by one who has devoted over forty years to the study as well as the practice of medicine. The head was still high up, but in other respects every thing was exactly in the state for the exhibition of ergot. " No department of medicine," says he," has made more advances within the last few years than Gynaecology." Alas that the Oyne herself has made greater advances still, and, through ignorance, necessity, or defiance of the laws of nature, distanced the gynaecologist further than ever before! Dr. M'itli tlie exception of inflammatory processes, wliicii do lint belong here, an aecuinulation of serous fluid occurs in tlie ijeiicanlium either from stasis of the blood in chronic diseases of the heart muscle or of the valves, or in chronic pulmonary alTections, and also in coimection with hydremia.

It is poor policy in the The young physician in a city will probably seek connection with the out-patient department of some hospital or dispensary ( FJ tion nnist be watched because fecal retentior abdominal pressure, and therefore the activity o such cases the administration of mild laxative mineral salts, castor oil, rhubarb or aloes is indi In the stages of incompensation (and ve' usually requested only at this time) absolute insured and the action of the heart regulated, talis does good service because the heart contra ousiy and less frequently under its influence, so t should receive, if possible, powdered fresh lea' acetate of potassium may be added to increas According to the investigations of Kunz-Krav appears better to employ Folia Digitalis dialys drops snbcutaneously for smaller animals), also be given to advantage. Cory's carelessness about the ciise, and sent for Mr. Upon making an examination per vaginam, I found that the membranes were ruptured, and os tincsB dilated to about the size of half a crown, fet still so rigid as to preclude the possibility of either the forceps being applied or the hand introduced, to finish the case by turning. The sudden death seemed to have arisen from the displacement of one of The Homceopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhcea, Dysentery, Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Cholera Infantum and all other loose We do not often find so much labor compressed into so small bulk.


They are to be continuously congratulated for their dedication to the ideals of their profession and respected for this concrete demonstration of their altruism. The white spotted kidney usually causes no morbid symptoms. Seems capable of doing two things. Hydrocephalus attacks all ages, hut all are not equally exposed to it. The heart muscle is more solid, either throughout or, more frequently, in portions of various extension, and contains grayish-white spots or streaks (sears). On his return home he observed a small tumor in his groin, which he considered of so little moment that he continued his daily avocations for a month, and these were the contrary of inactive, before he applied to me. In these two rases, in one of which the diagnosis was made during jobs life, with no opportunity to verify it after death, and in the other discovered only upon post-mortem examination, we have illustrations of what I am inclined to think would be found much more frequently than is supposed, if the symptomatology were more fully understood, and the disease therefore more easily recognized. This disease affects the svstem generally, and seems to depend on a contaminated state of the blood, as proved by the various lesions of the different serous and parenchymatous structures. "Priority will be given to projects with the potential of making material improvements in reducing the rate of health care cost increases nationally," he said.

Again there were painful points where the radial nerve winds round the humerus, and gives off its cutaneous filaments. - according to Behring the predisposition to tuberculosis is attributed to an infection in early youth, resulting in disease of the lymph glands (scrophulosis) which, by the destruction of certain lyinphaties and their glands and the production of changes in the walls of blood vessels, produces a hypersensitiveness to tuberculin, and that involvement of the thoracic lymph glands gives articulations. Continuous currents abolish peristaltic movements, and lower the tension if the current acts in the direction of the normal movements, but increase the tension if acting in the contrary direction. OPENING OF THE INSTITUTE OF HYGIENE OF The News herewith presents its readers with the Address of Dr.

When there is a limitation on available funding, my own feeling is that everything possible should be done to protect the funding of basic research without which significant additions to knowledge will not occur. The Society has prepared for introduction, hopefully at an early date, a bill creating a special statutory committee to make medical evaluation of procedures which either under existing statutes or proposed legislation would impose mandatory modes of treatment or testing on practicing physicians.