Within two weeks the man was back at full duty. Traumatic neuralgia along the course of a bruised nerve-trunk is not unconmion; and marked hypera;sthesia over a bruised area frequently persists for a long time.

A method of considerable value in securing firm cicatrisation is the transplantation of conjunctiva to the seat of the ulcer. Eecent researches (Bruce, Held, Terrier and Turner, Eisien Eussell, and Thomas) have shown that they form the starting-point for an important series of fibres which pass in various ways to the nuclei of the ocular nerves and to the ceUs in the anterior cornua of the cord. The position of the fibres subserving various functions is indicated in the accompanying figure. When elderly patients require surgery, ATARAX provides effective preanesthetic adjunctive therapy.

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Electrophoretic analysis of the multiple hemoglobins of adults and developmental stages of the rabbit Effect of heterologous antibody on Haenonchus Chitinase activity in developmental stages of Ascaris suum and its inhibition by antibody.

But we know that the Egyptians made use of purgative and emetic medicines.

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